No 1 (2015)


The subsurface management position of Nepa-Botuobin north end oil-gas area and also Katanga and Syugdzherskaya oil-gas area

Bestuzheva N.A., Romero Barrenechea Moisés Esau -.


The authors noted that due to the fact of pipe construction East-Siberia - Pacific ocean it is essential to accumulate a mineral raw material base of this region by means of frontier regions. In bulk the dynamics of subsurface management is observed into researched area. The mechanism of geological exploration has been given.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):5-10
pages 5-10 views

Dataware for research of oil-gas well core at the affiliate «Aprelevka department of VNIGNI»

Klavdieva N.V., Chernyh E.M., Zubkova E.V.


In the article authors describe informational resources about deep well core at the Affiliate “Aprelevka Department of VNIGNI”, used data structures, and outline a way to united information space for a corestorage.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):11-18
pages 11-18 views

The integration of geophysical and geochemical methods for prospecting of hydrocarbon deposits on southwest part of the Caspian depression (Astrakhan region)

Zubkova E.V., Zhorzh N.V., Myursep A.G.


A geophysical methods is directed at research prospective hydrocarbons structures, geochemical studies aimed at determining the presence of hydrocarbon components in these structures. Integration of geological, geophysical and geochemical information allow for improve the accuracy of prospecting works and reduce the commercial risks.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):19-26
pages 19-26 views

On some litho-stratigraphic and field geological characteristics of productive horizons West-Leninogorsk area to the Romashkinskoye deposit

Abramov V.Y., Vlasov P.N.


In this article we look at some lithologic - stratigraphic and geological - commercial characteristics of productive horizons one area of development, namely the West - Leninogorsk area Roamshkinskogo oilfield. This information will be of interest to professionals involved in the development and research of this field.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):27-36
pages 27-36 views

Acid volcanic rocks of devonian basalt-rhyolite formation of rudny Altai, their facies and petrogenesis

Filatova L.K., Filatov E.I.


An explanation of internal contrast structure of silicate volcanic rocks of basalt-rhyolite formation of Rudniy Altai. There is a substrantiation of a type of rhyolite belonging to ignimbrites.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):37-44
pages 37-44 views

U/Pb Age of detrital zircons from sandstones of the upper emsian diamond takaty formation of the Western Urals

Pyzhova E.S., Popova N.S.


The first results of U/Pb (LA-ICP-MS) dating of detrital zircons from quartz sandstones of the Devonian Takaty Formation are presented. The obtained ages span a range from 1857.5 ± 53.8 to 3054.0 ± ± 48.0 Ma. The vast «gap» (~1.5 Ga) between sedimentary age of Takaty Formation and the age of the youngest zircon grain is fixed. A comparison of known ages of crystalline complexes from the Volga-Uralian part of East-European Platform with obtained ages of detrital zircons from Takaty Formation supports the «Volgo-Uralian» origin of the zircons. This implies the existence of a previously unknown stage of kimberlitic magmatism, much more ancient than the stage of kimberlitic magmatism formed diamonds in Arkhangelsk and Timan provinces.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):45-51
pages 45-51 views

Morphomet52ric characterization parameters of river basin of Manabi

Antonio Fermin Campos Cedeno -., Sinichenko E.K., Gritsuk I.I.


This paper presents an analysis of several methods so far developed to characterize the drainage networks of watersheds, indicating their relevant properties. On the other hand, is elaborated an extract of certain laws, on which the watershed morphometry is based to characterize the drainage potential of watersheds. Finally, based on the proposed framework, is performed the estimation of compactness index and river density of Manabi watersheds, as important input to the design of hydraulic works in the province of Manabi and Ecuador related to the management of watersheds.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):52-61
pages 52-61 views

The possible impact of gas-bearing fluids on sediment in the arch Fedynskogo (Barents sea)

Chamov N.P., Kostyleva V.V., Sokolov S.Y., Kotelnikov A.E.


A comparative analysis of facies and composition of precipitation on the bottom areas where the discharge of methane fluid occurs rapidly or not registered. Effect of gaseous fluids on postsedimentary transformation of clay minerals not found. Possible local manifestation of the fluid can be lithogenesis authigenic carbonate formation.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):62-72
pages 62-72 views

Automated system for measuring the parameters of the interaction with the surface of the liquid crystal alignment layer of a liquid crystal cell

Belyaev V.V., Gorbunov A.A., Moyseyenko S.V., Murauski A.A., Murauski A.A., Popov I.V., Bunkina N.A., Pupkov K.A., Solomatin A.S.


A model of an automated system of pretilt angle measurement and azimuthal anchoring energy in LC cells is developed. The automated system with ability to external control of measurement parameters. A software for the system control, data collection, transformation and analysis of measurement data is developed to comparison of the experimental and theoretical results.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):73-82
pages 73-82 views

Pilot study of influence of solar radiation on intensity of snowmelt

Gritsuk I.I., Debolskiy V.K., Maslikova O.Y., Ponomarev N.K., Sinichenko E.K.


In the hydraulic laboratory of People's Friendship University of Russia a series of experiments to study the various possible external influences on the process of snow melting were carried out at the facility, which allows to measure the amount of seepage flow in time. The laboratory investigations of the continuous snow melting and infiltration of melt water into the ground, depending on the properties of the snow (initial density, thickness and temperature) were carried out. The impact of rain flows and radiation of the sun on the snow-melting process were examined, carried out experiments with exposure to infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the snow. The work is a continuation of the study of the dynamics of the coastal slope of the water bodies in a permafrost [1].
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):83-90
pages 83-90 views

Two-stage synthesis of control system by the network operator method

Diveev A.I., Shmalko E.Y.


The paper focuses on the problem of control system synthesis and a numerical method of the network operator is proposed to search a solution. Apart from a well-known approach when the stated control synthesis problem is solved directly by the method of network operator considering given criteria and terminal conditions, the present paper describes a two-stage synthesis. The first stage is supposed to solve numerically a set of optimal control tasks for different initial values from some given space. The second stage makes an approximation of the previously received optimal trajectories by means of the network operator. An example illustrates the two-stage synthesis of a control system for a spaceship descent to the Moon.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):91-99
pages 91-99 views

Biaxial stretching of the plate a circular hole

Makarov E.V., Monakhov I.A., Nefedova I.V.


The paper presents the solution of the problem of stress-strain state of the plate under biaxial stretching in the case where the hole is free of loads and when the hole is loaded embedded in it or soldered rigid washer.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):100-105
pages 100-105 views

The little deflections of the previously intense ideal plastic beams with the regional moments and load distribution

Monakhov I.A., Basov U.K.


In the work up the technique of the decision of problems about the little deflections of beams from ideal heard-plastic material, with various kinds of fastening, for want of action of the asymmetrically distributed loads with allowance for of preliminary stretching-compression is developed. The developed technique is applied for research of the strained-deformed condition of beams, and also for calculation of a deflection of beams with allowance for of geometrical nonlinearity.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):106-110
pages 106-110 views

Nanotechnological formation of nanomers

Vorobiev A.E., Kochofa G.A., Malukov V.P., Lysenkova Z.V., Kapitonova I.L., Zaruma Martin Torres -., Chekushina E.V., Ibragimov R., Kaukenova A.S., Sinchenko A.V., Narozhnyi I.M., Trabelssi Salim S.


The article presents such components of nanoindustry as nanomaterials, nanotools, nanointermediaty products with nano-components, as well as a variety of nano-objects and nanocomposites. The authors analyzed the main methods of obtaining nanomaterials.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):123-128
pages 123-128 views

Formation of modern market nanoindustry

Vorobiev A.E., Kochofa G.A., Malukov V.P., Lysenkova Z.V., Kapitonova I.L., Zaruma Martin Torres -., Kaukenova A.S., Sinchenko A.V., Chekushina E.V., Narozhnyi I.M., Ibragimov R.


The article presents the perspectives of the development priorities of the global scientific and technological community, as the use of industrial nanotechnology. The authors analyzed national programs of development of nanotechnology in various countries.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):129-137
pages 129-137 views

Accuracy of the proportions parameters visualization of the technological process parts being mechanically processed. Dimensional analysis applied

Rogov V.A., Primirenko D.P., Koshelenko A.S.


The article deals with the methodology of determining the characteristics of the component parts of the technological dimensional chain through discrete visualization of changes of each part within its accuracy and visual estimation of this change on changing operation of the closing link when calculating equations on max. /min.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):138-144
pages 138-144 views

Our authors

- -.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):145-149
pages 145-149 views

Aviation and rocket and space technology

Mathematical modeling of the pure bending for the multimodulus aviation material beam at creep conditions

Kuznetsov E.B., Leonov S.S.


The paper deals with the solution of pure bending of rectangular beam AK4-1T at constant temperature loaded constant bending moment. The research of construction for creep and long-term strength with the whole distribution pattern of the stress until the beginning of destruction considered. The numerical calculation of the problem is solved with the equations of the energy variant of the theory of creep, as well as the method of the solution continuation with respect to a parameter and the best parameterization, using four methods of numerical integration of ordinary differential equations: Euler method, Euler-Cauchy method, fourth-order Runge-Kutta method and fourth-order Adams method. The paper also considers comparison of two methods for the solution of the numerical results and a comparison of the numerical solutions with the experimental data as well.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2015;(1):111-122
pages 111-122 views

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