No 3 (2009)


Innovative technologies of development of deposits of combustible slate and high-viscosity oil mining

Vorobiev A.E., Djimieva R.B.


Methods of the authors of the innovative mining operation and the development of the mine of oil of the high viscosity and combustible slate is shown.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):5-16
pages 5-16 views

Reproduction of power resources as ecological problem

Gladush A.D.


The attempt was taken to analyze technogenic reproduction possibility of hydrocarbonic energy crude in lithosphere by recycling domestic and industrial drain (fluids). This attempt was based on hypothesis of organic nature of fossil fuel.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):17-29
pages 17-29 views

Ecologically sparing development for the flooded oil fields in Ecuador

Zaruma M.T.


Problems and prospects of working water cutting of well production in the Ecuador are shown. Sources of environmental contamination are revealed and ways of their neutralization are shown.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):30-36
pages 30-36 views

Exploration of sulphide minerals in difficult mountain-geological conditions (on the example of Talnakhskiy sulphide unit)

Gulan E.A., Shatalov A.A.


Mining-geological conditions of mineral field of Talnakhskiy Sulphide Unit are presented. Particularities of exploration systems of sulphide copper-nickel minerals of Oktyabrskiy and Talnakhskiy fields were reviewed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):37-45
pages 37-45 views

Technical efficiency joint integrated autoclave thermo chemical recycling technogenic and biogenic waste

Podznoev G.P., Zubkov A.A., Shulenina Z.M.


First developed technique and technical realization yoint utilization of biogenic and industrial wastes. Installed high efecciency recycling of technolodenic wastes together with biogenic wastes, pesticides with a marketable product - metals and enviromentally friendly materials for the production of building materials. Technology allows expand the raw materials base recipt for metalls and reduce the environmental harde.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):46-59
pages 46-59 views

Experimental researches on extraction of manganese from mining waste of concentrating factory

Shelkin А.А., Chekushina E.V., Chekushina T.V.


In clause results of the integrated laboratory researches on extraction of manganese from mountain waste of concentrating factory are resulted. The technique of experiment is resulted. Influence of concentration of a sulfuric acid, time of experience, parities «firm» : «liquid» and the charge of sulphurous gas on process of extraction of manganese is proved.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):60-65
pages 60-65 views

Ways substantiation of copper-containing mineral raw leaching intensification from the Lorenz model positions

Sokolov I.V., Gorichev I.G., Kuznetsov S.V.


Based on the experiment and its interpretation in the framework of Lorenz model the ways of intensification of leaching copper from the poor mineral raw have been proposed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):66-71
pages 66-71 views

Rational technologies of filling masses formation at undergrounds mines of JSC «KAZZINC»

Shaposhnik Y.N., Shaposhnik S.N.


Issues on improvement of rheological properties of backfilling mixtures owing to the use of plastifying agents as additives to the mixtures composition were studied in the work, and rational schemes were developed for mining waste supply to the empty exploited rooms not raising it to the surface.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):72-78
pages 72-78 views

Estimation of potential ecology-geochemical danger of high-mountainous territories at their development as recreational ones

Vdovinа O.K.


There is shown necessity of an estimation of potential ecology-geochemical danger of high-mountainous territories of recreation at their development. Geochemical features of these territories are considered from the ecological point of view, the technique of their estimation is presented.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):79-82
pages 79-82 views

The features forming of a geocriological structure of integumentary sediments in the far North

Hudyakova A.A., Gubaidullin M.G.


The organized effort will allow to raise accuracy of constructional characteristics forecast of integumentary sediments and to devise methods of analysis of deflected mode when frost penetration or thaw of foundation soil under oil-pipe lines and under other constructions on the North.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):83-86
pages 83-86 views

The Russian oil-and-gas complex: mineral and raw material security and problems of subsurface use

Plyaskina N.I.


The paper describes the condition of a mineral and raw material resources of the Russian oil-and-gas complex and management of the state fund of mineral resources, subsurface use problems and maintenance of mineral and raw material security are revealed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):87-98
pages 87-98 views

Mineral resources and economic safety

Attokurova N.S.


As the world experience shows mineral resources play the key role in economic safety of developing countries. If a government controls economy effectively, a significant role of mineral resources will be maintained. From the other hand, much mineral resources neither make economic growth nor economic safety.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):99-104
pages 99-104 views

Processes of consolidation and integration of enterprises in the mining and metallurgical branch

Arhipova Y.A.


The progressive globalization of the world economy is accompanied by the processes of consolidation and integration of companies in the mineral sector, the special feature, reasons and mechanisms of which are examined in this work.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):105-109
pages 105-109 views

The vibrational spectra and the structure of double selenates of sodium

Rustembekov K.T.


For the first time there was synthesized the double selenates of sodium. The composition and the structure of the synthezied compound were determined by methods of X-ray-phase, chemical, atomicemission analysis and IK-spectroscopy.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):110-112
pages 110-112 views

Application and analysis of right helicoidal shells

Rynkovskaya M.J.


Drilling machines with drilling elements as helicoid are widely used while making of drilling auger, round section testpit and so on in crust for exploration of geological structure, searching, prospecting, minerals extraction, engineering geological research. Helicoidal shells can be designed as right, inclined, open and wrong-unfolding. There are main thesises of calculation method given by V.G. Rekach for right helicoid.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2009;(3):113-116
pages 113-116 views
pages 117-119 views

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