No 1 (2013)


In memory of Boris I. Didukh: dedicated to his 80th anniversary

Basov Y.K., Abu Makhadi Mokhammed Ibragim -.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):5-6
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The device of the roof of the building with the use of flexible tiles

Malov A.N., Stashevskaya N.A., Logovatovski M.E.


Presented the project of the roofing of individual residential houses.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):7-12
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Organizational and technical reliability of building production

Stashevskaya N.A., Malov A.N., Fateev D.I.


The results of studies of actual values of coverage paint composition.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):13-16
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Features recirculating flow in hydro-cal facilities

Zhivotovsky B.A., Ponomarev N.K.


At the article features of circulating currents and their use in vortex spillways are considered at design of high-pressure water-engineering systems. Results of special laboratory researches at which carrying out the certain forms of movement replacing each other in certain sequence are recorded are given. At the experiences with the twirled stream similar structures, and also area existence with a contraflow in the central part and its influence on integrated characteristics of a circulating stream in a pipe are found.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):17-22
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The determination of influence of the water-penetraiting layer thickness of the massive dam base-ment for the filtration stream parameters by hydraulic methods

Elfimov V.I., Kumerov D.E., Abu Mahadi Mohamed Ibrahim -.


The paper says that the filtration stream parameters are definitly depended on thickness of water-penetraiting layer at the massive dam. It is founded out that the influence of the layer thickness is rather great and variable.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):23-28
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The methodology used erosion control structures protecting, adapted to the morphology of rivers

Ruzhankova L.N., Argal E.S., Bolotov D.A.


The article describes the methodological aspects, to review the effectiveness the use of each type of flexible constructions for riverbank protection with specified morphological conditions of the river. Based on the study work efficiency structures, located on real sites Belaya River (Rep. Adygeya), you can, setting morphological data for these sections, make a choice optimum design constructions.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):29-36
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Forecast of change of levels when passing high waters in basins of the rivers Argun and Sunzha

Ponomarev N.K., Sinichenko E.K.


Change of a water and water levels mode of the rivers when passing the maximum expenses by design probability of excess.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):37-42
pages 37-42 views

Exact methods in analysis of pressure pipelines with pressure stabilizers

Rekach F.V., Sinichenko E.K., Popov A.M.


A short essay of pressure pipelines analysis on water hammer and pressure oscillations by exact methods is described in an article.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):43-47
pages 43-47 views

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the earthen barns used for food crop storage in the North-West of Benin (West Africa)

Gibigaye M., Zevounou C., Gbaguidi G.L., Kaki C., Laibi R.A., Ambarka I., Degan G.


Atacora and Donga are two departments regarded as the barns of Benin. In these two regions, the surplus of food crops harvested by farmers is stocked in earthen barns whose primary construction material is kneaded clay soil with an admixture of vegetable straws (fonio, rice…) pounded beforehand. The following research is designed to scrutinize the variation of compression strength and/or tensile strength of the used earthen material with respect to the optimum straw content, and the fluctuation of the fracture related parameters. Laboratory tests have shown that an optimum straw content of 2% provides the highest compression strength with the best mechanical performances in terms of cohesion and internal angle of friction. Tensile strength, however, continues to increase with higher straw percentages with no breakpoint indication. Moreover, the laboratory determination of the composite material’s modulus of elasticity has proven that the used soil does not have a linear elastic behavior.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):48-57
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Perspectives of cooperation of PFUR—ISEDC to program “Energy security: unconventional hydrocarbon resource of the future”

Vorobiev A.E., Gladush A.D., Sinchenko A.V.


The article reviews the activities of the International Sustainable Energy Development Centre under the auspices of UNESCO (ISEDC), to working with him. Considered innovative educational program “Energy Security: unconventional hydrocarbon resources of the future”. Developed a training plan for her.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):58-64
pages 58-64 views

Opportunities for participation in PFUR scientific and technical programs of “Eureka”

Kirabaev N.S., Vorobyov A.E., Kaukenova A.S.


The article presents information on the projects of the European scientific and technical program Eureka. The structure of the program, the authorities within the structure, subject area, and the activities of the program. We also present technological joint tender Skolkovo Fund and the Israel Industrial Research Agency MATIMOP for participation in the European scientific and technical program of Eureka.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):64-69
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Intelligent digital control of dynamic braking of industrial robots

Shraim L.M., Vnukov A.A.


The article discusses issues related to the implementation of the digital motor control. Developed for this purpose a block diagram of the intelligent control algorithms and software that allows you to perform simulation in MatLab and Simulink, get depends, to draw conclusions and to recommend to the principle of fuzzy control and the ability to support the operation of variable frequency drive with AD without overheating the windings, ie in close to the nominal operation.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):70-80
pages 70-80 views

Analysis of the usage of computer programs for waste motion analysis in drainage networks

Kalinin A.V.


Usage of mathematical correlations, obtained for natural and artificial watercourses, to analyse the water motion in drainage networks don’t give reliable results. The usage of complex computer programs greatly increases the cost of the entire computing system. Replacement of complex formulas with simple in the calculation of the concentration of pollutants in drainage networks can be justified, provided a thorough data validation and correction.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):81-89
pages 81-89 views

Technological, environmental and economic problems as a result of failure on a Macondo well of the British Petroleum Company in the gulf of Mexico

Malyukov V.P., Sushok A.A.


The technological, environmental and economic problems which have resulted by failure on a Macondo well of the British Petroleum company in the Gulf of Mexico are considered. The main violations of technology of preparation the well to operation, economic and ecological consequences of an oil spill are analysed.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):90-99
pages 90-99 views

Difficulties for detecting the singular points with commercial programs in space structure and a method for determining the real capacity of the structures

Heidari A., Galishnikova V.V., Mahmoudzadeh K.I.


For design purposes, the stability of any structure being designed is of paramount importance. The fact that it is possible to perform an analysis on a space structure which shows that the stresses in that structure are all below those permissible for the materials used in its construction, is in itself no guarantee that when the structure is loaded it will not collapse. In order to determine this, it is necessary to find out if the structure is stable under the action of the applied loads. The secondary paths, especially in unstable buckling can play the most important role in collapse of the structure [2]. Analytical solutions for space trusses of the desired type which cover both nonlinear deformation and stability are difficult to find in the literature. In order to provide the desired benchmark, the complete theory and the exacl soulution for the nonlinear deformation and the stability of a regular tripod subjected to a load which acts in the direction of its axis of symmetry is presented in this work [1]. In this paper the dificulies for analysis the space structure in detecting the singular point and obtaining the real load carying capacity of these structures has been investigated and finaly a method for overcome to this problem has been presented. The numerical predictions in presented method has been verified with analytical soulotion in a space truss and and Laboratory results in a space frame.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):100-108
pages 100-108 views

Interaction of a protecting wall with a soil massif in process extractions of foundation pit

Abu Mahadi Mohamed Ibrahim -., Elfimov V.I.


The computing procedure to determine the soil pressure on retaining structure and it’s displacements during earth excavation from a pit is developed. At the first stage the protecting construction (slurry wall, sheet piling, row of piles) is enclosed in a ground from the both sides, then the earth excavation from one side of the screen begins. The variations of soil pressure on the both sides of protecting screen are traced in the process of computing with proposed method. The critical depth of a pit at the moment of failure is determined. The retaining structure in the calculating scheme is simulated as an elastic beam construction. The soil is presented as a nonlinear model, in which the modulus of rigidity decreases when the soil stress is nearing to the ultimate limit value. The mathematical procedure consists of iteration of sequential separate calculations by Gauss’s method.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):109-117
pages 109-117 views

Factors influencing the critical load and propagating of buckling in shallow reticulated domes (state-of-the-art)

Heidari A., Galishnikova V.V.


Shallow lattice domes can be used to cover large support-free, e. g. assembly halls, sports stadium and exhibition halls. Over the last four decades the problem of buckling of shallow lattice domes has grown in importance because of several interrelated developments. The need to cover larger spans without intermediate supports with lightweight structures has made buckling behavior a determining factor in their design. For a buckling problem it is very important to define the concept concerning the loss of stability and the method to determine the collapse load. Several instability modes can occur in the behavior of the reticulated shells which must be taken into account in determining the limit bearing capacity. The secondary paths, especially in unstable buckling can play the most important role in collapse of these structures [1; 2]. The present report is an attempt to offer a synthetic view of the analysis and design problems for which the consideration of buckling is the main purpose. Another purpose of this report is to present the up-to-date bibliography on the buckling of reticulated shells. Several instability modes has been presented and the propagation of local buckling which is the most dangerous forms of instability has been discussed and many valuable theoretical and experimental studies have been carried out [3].
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):118-133
pages 118-133 views

Calculation of values of seasonal factor for climatic conditions of Belarus

Chernoivan A.V.


In the article the technique of determination of seasonal factor is presented, range of its application at designing of buildings and constructions is stated, and also results of calculation of numerical values of factor c season for climatic conditions of Belarus are given.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):134-139
pages 134-139 views

On research of new surface forms as applied to structures of diverse purpose

Podgorniy A.L., Grinko E.A., Solovey N.A.


The state of affairs in the field of research of new surface forms used as building and machine structures in Russia and Ukraine is analyzed. It is emphasized that well-known geometricians must keep up the interest of young peoples to spatial thin-walled structures.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):140-145
pages 140-145 views

Disribution of temperature tension in model of a monolithic ferro-concenrete square

Basov Y.K., Abu Mahadi Mohamed Ibrahim -., Elfimov V.I.


The task about sizes and distribution of temperature tension in walls of model of a square monolithic ferro-concrete silo is considered.
RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):146-152
pages 146-152 views

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RUDN Journal of Engineering Research. 2013;(1):153-156
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