Ages of detrital zircons from lower Cambrian sandstones of North-Eastern periphery of the East European platform - sings of provenances of Ediacaran - early Cambrian Mezen basin

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The detrital zircons were delivered from sandstones of Brusov Fm. of Mezen basin. Absence of detrital zircons with 750-510 Ma and availability of two distinct populations - Paleoproterozoic and Archean - with ages resembled well known ages of crystalline complexes of EEP basement, all these agree with interpretation of Mezen basin as a basin at passive margin of Baltica.

About the authors

M L Ezekia

People's Friendship University of Russia

Engineering faculty

N B Kuznetsov

People's Friendship University of Russia

Email: mdf.rudn@mail.r
Engineering faculty

T V Romanyuk

Schmidt Institute Physics of the Earth Russian Academy of Science



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