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The article deals with the architectural design of the recreational and tourist complex “School traveler Fyodor Konyukhov” in the Domodedovo district of Moscow region, near the village Bityagovo. The paper notes the problem of quality recreation spaces and their organizations for teenagers analyzes the necessary steps to arrange such spaces on the basis of the bottom of the project where you will be training and preparing children and their parents to family travel. The basic concepts of architectural complex formation, given the technical characteristics of the project goals and objectives of the project. The main objectives of the project “clearing rallies”: spiritual and moral education; promoting tourism and a healthy lifestyle; the military-Patriotic upbringing of youth in spirit of devotion and love for his Homeland; physical training of children and youth to challenging treks and expeditions; the development of creative and sporting talent in children; help the youth in determining their life path. The plans of the investors of the project cultural events: organization of meetings of youth groups from all over Russia; celebration of important historical dates; the holding of thematic festivals and exhibitions; festivals and finding new talent; contests and events; creation Museum travelers and the Russian walk of Fame; the creation of children’s theatre; classes in astronomy with experts, workshops; planting and study of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, including medicinal.

About the authors

V M Shuvalo

Moscow Institute of Architecture

Author for correspondence.

Vasiliy М. Shuvalov, candidate of architecture, associate Professor, Professor of the Department of architecture of the rural occupied places of the Moscow architectural Institute (state Academy). Research interests: recreational and tourist complexes in the roadside and inter-settlement space.

B. Dmitrovka str., 24/1, Moscow, Russia, 107031

- Quazi Shibli Suman

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


Quazi Shibli Suman, Postgraduate student at Architecture and Urban Development Department, Academy of Engineering, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Research interests: recreational and tourist complexes in Bangladesh.

Miklukho-Maklaya str., 6, Moscow, Russia, 117193


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Copyright (c) 2017 Shuvalo V.M., Quazi Shibli Suman -.

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