No 1 (2010)


The 80/20 Principle: to use or not to use

Pakhomov A.P.


The phenomenon of discovery and usage of Pareto principle phenomenon is considered. Areas of application of this principle (time-management, ABC-analysis, assortment organizing, Pareto-analysis of optimality) is described. Examples of manifestation of Pareto principle (20% of output, clients or employers give really 80% of profits, but 80% of output, clients or employee give only 20% of profits; 20% of people have 80% of money; 80% of INet sites consumers visit 20% of sites; 20% of criminals make 80% of crimes; 20% of drivers make 80% accidents etc.) are displayed. Errors in attempts of mathematical foundations of Pareto principle are shown. Examples of absence of manifestation Pareto principle in practice are described. Theoretical foundations of «anuniversity» of Pareto principle usage are presented. Possibilities of declination of Pareto principle to trivial of decision making lows are demonstrated.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):5-12
pages 5-12 views

Mechanism of hostile takeover in modern crisis conditions

Zaynullin S.B.


In the article «the Analysis of the mechanism of hostile takeover in modern crisis conditions» the urgency of a problem of hostile takeover is advanced, specificity of modern crisis conditions is considered, the mechanism of hostile takeovers is considered, the motivation and applied is in detail studied during hostile takeovers. Results of the conducted analysis will allow the enterprises to determine weaknesses, acting as the potential purposes of hostile takeovers to develop adequate protective mechanisms.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):13-20
pages 13-20 views

Influence of the world financial crisis on the Republic of Tajikistan economy

Chiniev J.B.


The financial crisis in USA have a destructive impact on many countries economics including economy of Tajikistan. The macroeconomic analysis of signs and consequences of influence of a world financial crisis on economy of Tajikistan are given in the article. The basic directions of research are: social and economic, the reasons and possible consequences in social and economic sphere; a rate of inflation and its structure, the reasons of change of the prices; a state budget of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2009, in crisis conditions; an external debt and its service; the analysis of the foreign trade turnover.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):21-28
pages 21-28 views

Defining shadow economy in gross national product of Kazakhstan

Bekzhanova T.K.


In the article the problems of determination of scopes of shadow economy open up in GDP of Kazakhstan. It is proved that the hidden activity is observed in those industries of economy, commodities and services of which will be realized mainly for cashs, rotined as far as the information officially presented by them is unreliable. The greatest stake of the hidden economy in a gross internal product takes place in operations with the real estate, lease and consumer services.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):29-35
pages 29-35 views

The liberalisation of the power industry in Russia and Germany: comparative analysis

Shuvalova O.V.


A stable supply of cheap electricity is essential for economy. The network monopoly in the German power industry caused the spatial division of country between corporations and overpriced electricity. The liberalization was provided for the access rights of the third parties to the private transmission facilities. In the Soviet Union was build the centralized power system. The power industry privatization was founded in 1990. The liberalization consists in the splitting of OAO RAO «Unified Energy System of Russia». Neither in Germany nor in Russia led the liberalization to the competition intensification and reduction of electricity prices, but led to the property redistribution in favour of vertically integrated companies.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):36-44
pages 36-44 views

Peculiarities of fast-growing firms and their role in development of national economy

Tcherbakova T.S., Stolbunets V.I.


In this article the authors consider peculiarities and strategies of fast-growing firms - «gazelles», as well as their contribution to the national economy. Successful dynamic firms are considered as the points of national economy's growth, being the main job-creators and sources of GDP growth and structural changes in the economy. The authors present the classification of fast-growing firms, reveal their main features and consider the mechanism of their growth. Peculiarities of western fast-growing firms' development and their contribution to the occidental economies are compared with the situation in Russia. The authors also argue for the necessity of the government's attention to the issue.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):45-55
pages 45-55 views

Educational resources of modernization and technological development of Russian economy

Lozhnikova А.V.


Lead: in the article we conducted the analyse of the urgent meaning of the notion's concept «modernization», incorporated with «technological development» and «innovations». Potential resources of economic modernization (legislative, administrative, tax) is examined. Additional powerful resource of Russian economic modernization - educational one - is also suggested. The problem of industrial-technological component withdrawal from modern managerial education and its reconstruction are emphasized and suggested respectively. In addition extensive ideology development of innovative management in educational and extra-curricular students' and teachers' activities of Russian highest school is proposed.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):56-62
pages 56-62 views

Foreign experience and possibilities of information CALS-technology application in the modern economy

Mirzabekov A.M.


The article is devoted to the international introduction experience of information technologies into the contemporary economy. The main attention is paid to the ICT that secure the development of national competitiveness and the possibility of growth rates acceleration in production. The author uncovers problems in the management of enterprise economy at micro- and macro- levels. The foreign experience allows the author to maintain that innovative economy in terms of the fourth and fifth technological structures was created by employers-innovators, in this connection to ground the necessity of introduction of CALS-technology into the management of economy on the basis of modern partnership of government and business.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):63-70
pages 63-70 views

Dynamics and modern trends of development of global IT-outsourcing market

Volodin Y.V.


The article includes the analysis of modern global IT-outsourcing market structure. The size, current trends of development of the global IT-outsourcing market are outlined. Regional markets, most interesting from the point of development are distinguished, the characteristics of the main suppliers of such services as well as the most common request from the customers is given. Main task of the thesis is to set the role of IT-outsourcing at the contemporary stage of development of the global economy and demonstrate the reasonability of using of the existing experience and more active implementation of the mentioned business practice by Russian economic agents.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):71-80
pages 71-80 views

International stuff recruiting: modern trends

Burchakova M.A.


International Management of Human Resource is one of new and less worked out in management theory. The relevance of the article is caused by existing of recruiting problem in each global company nowadays. The article attracts our attention to relocation of staff as to the one of the most essential elements of researches and practice of International Management of Human Resource, it also deals with stages of staff relocation and categories according to country location and sources of stuff attraction to foreign relocations. American, Japanese, European and Indian multinational firms IMHR practice analyses allows to investigate main international recruiting tendencies. While touching actual trends of provision with personnel in international business qualitative and quantitative characteristics changes of stuff in business are analyzed.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):81-89
pages 81-89 views

Improvement of the regulatory system for accountancy and records in the republic of Kyrgyzstan

Myrzalieva S.A.


In article the basic amendments which are introduced in laws on book keeping and audit are considered. In the Kirghiz Republic the International standards of the financial reporting (ISFR) and the International standards of audit (IAS) as official standards of book keeping and audit that ways of a transparency of book keeping and the reporting define are introduced. At the investment economic partners and investors in economy of the Kirghiz Republic new standards of book keeping are well-founded step for trustworthy information reception.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):90-93
pages 90-93 views

V International scientific and practical conference «Modern economic theory and modernization of Russian economy»

Ponomarenko E.V.


The conference was organized at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and held at the Faculty of Economics in November, 2009. This conference provides a forum for analyzing modern trends in Russian economy.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2010;(1):94-96
pages 94-96 views

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