No 3 (2011)


Integration of Russian companies in the world economy: convergentapproach

Pinchuk V.N.


The article deals with the problems of international competitiveness of Russian companies in the internationalization and globalization in economy by achieving a new quality of cross-border management. This requires the formation of a converged management infrastructure, which is a logical step in electronic information management with access control level baseline information on the factors in a single image of the managerial situation. As result there is a formation of the institutional framework for cooperative actions of state structures and business organizations in Russian and international markets.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):5-13
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Traditional mediators in the world diamond market: Europe

Pototskaya T.I.


The article presents the results of researches on the role of intermediaries in the diamond complex in Europe. The objective and subjective reasons for the formation of intermediary functions in enterprises and as a consequence of territories that are involved in the operation of the diamond and lapidary industries are identified. The types of intermediaries, the territorial features of their activities are shown. The historical and geographical features of an emergence of a mediation in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland) and their role in brokering the world diamond market are reviewed. The issue shows trends in the development of the mediation in the world diamond market.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):14-21
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The dynamics of Polish labour market

Balcerowicz-Szkutnik M., Szkutnik T.


The article presents the results of the analyses concerning the parameters of Polish labour market for the years 1998-2009. A special attention was given to the coefficients of occupational activity, employment rates and the level of both general and long-term unemployment. The analyses were performed separately for the gender of employees and with the consideration of the territorial division, while separating voivodeships with the lowest and the highest rates. It has been observed that the dynamics of changes on Polish labour market is closely associated with the changing age structure of the population and has specific consequences in the sphere of condition of Polish pension scheme and social security system. The conclusions emphasise the fact that the level of coefficients that characterise the Polish labour market is the most unfavourable in marginal age brackets of people that make labour resources. During 2004-2009 have been distinguished from the period of 1998-2003, because at that time the change of parameters that characterise Polish labour market was clearly apparent. It was associated with accession of Poland to the EU.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):22-33
pages 22-33 views

Foreign migrations in Poland at the turn of XXI century

Sojka E.


The fundamental purpose of the article is to show changes in the intensity, scale and main directions of final foreign migrations in Poland during 1990-2008. On the grounds of statistical data, it ought to be stated that the expectations of increased migration outflow of the permanent character, and also media expectations that after 1st May 2004, 2 mln Poles would leave Poland did not come true. However, after Poland had joined the European Union the scale of temporary departures for work increased, and the number of people leaving Poland for a specific period of time, while assuming return migration but without stating when the return was going to take place, increased. After Poland had joined the European Union the scale of temporary departures for work increased. 70% of emigrating Polish people stay abroad for over a year, and therefore they should be considered long-term emigrants: the main purpose is earning money, but the transfer of income to the country is smaller and smaller, espesially during the world crisis 2008-2009. This decrease places Poland on the third position (after Moldavia and Turkey) among emigration countries that suffered most in the crisis because of lower transfers.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):34-45
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The conditions of economic growth in the period following the economic crisis and the prognostic aspect of GDP of Poland in the period of crisis 2008-2010

Szkutnik W.


The elaboration concerning the economic growth conditions and the state of economy after social-economic crisis 2008 includes the aspects of the environment that stimulates the growth GDP dynamics. The attention is paid to the prognostic features of the economic growth dynamics. In the empirical part, the economic growth dynamics in the period 1998-2010 was interpreted with the application of two-equation vector autoregressive (VAR) model. The forecasts of the indicators of the economic growth dynamics were determined for the following quarters of year 2010. The results of the estimation indicated a statistical significance of the influence of important macro-economic variables upon the growth dynamics.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):46-54
pages 46-54 views

The real option approach for estimation of venture project efficiency and risk

Kerimov A.K., Matushok V.M., Balashova S.A.


The real option approach for estimation of venture project efficiency and risk is under consideration. The possibility of such approach is based on analogy between the project and call-option. The problem of option efficiency and risk is solved for the case of probabilistic uncertainty. Exact definitions of option parameters analogs for venture projects are given. Obtained results makes possible to estimate project efficiency and risk with taking into account intermediate results of a project.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):55-62
pages 55-62 views

Labor productivity - the important factor of the level of economic development of the country and its competitiveness

Zhdanova L.A., Enxtaivan Dolgoon -.


The article deals with the research of the dynamics of the development of the developing and developed countries in 1950-2010 years. The steady negative tendency of increasing of the lagging of labor productivity in the developing countries in comparison with the countries of Gold billion was shown. In article in is shown that intense increasing of the backlog of the productivity of labor of catching up countries from developed ones in 1970-1990 is caused by transition the last to the post-industrial stage of development. The advantage in the speed of movement by the spiral productivity - competitiveness - productivity is provided and services in the structure of Gross Domestic Product of developed countries.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):63-69
pages 63-69 views

Qualification system as an instrument of personnel managementin Kazakhstan

Balgabayeva V.T.


In the article the problems of development of professional standards for key industries of Kazakhstan and their interface with the system of vocational and technical education are considered. Analyzed the main features and benefits created by the National Professional Qualification System, which is the basis for the reform of vocational education in the country. The method of functional analysis as a phase definitions and descriptions of hierarchical levels of professional activity are considered. Justified, that the formation mechanisms for maintaining, updating and use of professional standards will support solving problems of staff policy and staff management.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):70-77
pages 70-77 views

Multiple-factor model of business activity

Solovieva Y.V.


The article deals with analysis and estimation problems of business activity as an economic category. The author use of the integrated approach both on micro-, and at macrolevel is offered. The theoretical position of the author to concept «business activity» is given. As a result of the spent analysis the factors influencing dynamics of business activity come to light. The author considers features of inspection and monitoring, levels, and also key indicators of business activity and business cycles in Russia and foreign countries. For an estimation of a level of business activity, its dynamics in article the multiple-factor model of business activity is given.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):78-86
pages 78-86 views

Direct selling: a distribution channel generating jobs in Russia

Guilluy-Sulikashvili N.V., Jean-Marcel Bloch -.


The goal of this article is to demonstrate that the system of direct sales, when viewed in an economic context, is an effective distribution channel that generates jobs and facilitates upward mobility in Russia. When compared to classic distribution systems, including large-scale distribution, small commerce and industrial enterprises, the system of direct sales relies more heavily on the human component. The system has proven to be very effective in Russia, where it has contributed to the development of a new model of capitalism. This new model is more social and based on human relations without the hierarchical constraints which characterize a more traditional profit-based capitalism.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):87-94
pages 87-94 views

The markets analysis of Russian high education in 1998-2010

Baranova N.M.


Today greatness and the status of the state is defined not only sizes of its territory and raw stocks, how many a level of development and competitiveness of its economy which major indicators are hi-tech, high technology manufacture, knowledge, export of educational services. In the article there are a condition and prospects Russia's higher education in 1998-2010, themes of crisis' the Russian higher education and reduction of high schools rise, principal causes of attraction of foreign students in the Russian high schools and the basic tendencies of their training. A lot of these problems is supposed to solve thanks to the state support within the limits of realization «the Concept of export's educational services in 2011-2020».
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):95-102
pages 95-102 views

«Convulsions in the Middle East»

Aydrus I.A., Dolgopolov D.V.


The review highlights the results of the debates on Convulsions in the Middle East which were dedicated to the disturbances in the Middle East and the North Africa. The speakers' reports are analyzed and their main arguments on the problems are concerned. The problems of shaping the new national consciousness and toughening the social demands are analyzed and also the economic conditions of the concerned countries are described separately from the social factors. In conclusion the Russian role in the region is concerned.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(3):103-107
pages 103-107 views

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