No 4 (2012)


Developing index of priority cooperation of Russian Federation in space industry with developing industries of Asia, Africa and Latin America

Dyuzheva N.V., Balashova S.A.


The article is devoted to the construction and practical approbation of the ranking methodology of developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America on the basis of priority for the Russian Federation to the cooperation development in the space field. The ranking methodology is based on a comprehensive analysis of a variety of factors which in the author’s opinion directly or indirectly affect the ability of Russian exports and the development of scientific, technical and industrial cooperation with the considered countries. The ranking system rests on eight pillars. The integrated index is calculated from these eight pillars and used to rank the countries. The paper consists of two parts: the first describes the methodological approaches to ranking countries on a single integrated index, the second shows the results of calculations based on the collected statistic and information.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Modelling of economic growth of Russia as the base for the macroeconomic forecast

Akhmedov F.N., Yuzifovich S.O.


In the present article the theories of economic growth, their practical use are comparatively analyzed. Major factors of economic growth of Russia and their impact on a trajectory of a gross product are considered. The macroeconomic growth model of Russia is developed, the importance of its equations is estimated there. New methodological approaches to modeling of economic growth as a base of macroeconomic forecasting are offered there.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):15-26
pages 15-26 views

The role of American TNC in the world economy

Kerobyan A.S., Volgina N.A.


The authors analyze investment activity of the American TNC’s for period of 2000—2010 to detect not only the formed tendencies of FDI flows and tendencies of US stock FDI, but also define the changes of the role of US TNC’s in the processes of international production. The first decade of new millennium was rather difficult for the world economy and particularly for the US economy, connecting with the financial-economic crisis. As an outcome of that crisis the role of American TNC’s began decline in a quick terms. But tendencies of American TNC’s role decline were also registered before crisis period. Such kind of results are registered both for the parent companies of US TNC’s as a whole, and for the leading American TNC’s. In some degree US TNC’s affiliates have progress abroad, but it is rather small now.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):27-37
pages 27-37 views

Innovative role of strategic alliances: world practice and Russian situation

Zobov A.M.


This article treats the actual issues of theory and practice of strategic alliances in contecst of Russian modernization policy. Researching reasons and goals innovation strategic alliances, main theoretical methods and world practice. Formulated concept of evolution strategic alliances in Russia, presents research projects of trends strategic alliances in 2004—2006, 2008—2010.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):38-48
pages 38-48 views

Innovations in the developing countries agriculture

Eifari A.K., Semenovich V.S.


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of innovation in agriculture in developing countries. Reviews current methods of “Earth’s revolution” in developing countries, cooperation of farms, increased the role of trade capital in agriculture, especially the new institutional mechanism for implementing innovations in agriculture, the intensification of the state’s role in conducting agricultural reforms, etc.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):49-54
pages 49-54 views

Conditions of development of diversified economy of Perm territory: regional aspect

Klimov V.G.


The conditions of economic development of the Perm territory are considered. Is established, that one of key priorities of territory is the economic growth on the basis of industrial manufacture. The problem of unstable development of economy of territory owing to a high share of exporting raw production is reflected. Is marked, that the territory is characterized by rich natural resources, presence of free capacities qualified enough nonproduction personnel and cheap labour in a combination to her rather high general educational level. The basic kinds of economic activity, in which specializes the Perm industrial enterprises, are: production and processing of petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and paper manufacture.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):55-62
pages 55-62 views

The analysis and assessment of risks in activity of the metallurgical companies of Russia

Shishkina N.E., Schesnyak E.L., Karpus N.P.


In the article the approach is a portfolio of securities of a commercial bank, based on the use of the basic postulates of the classical theories of portfolio investment. The stages and the results of a portfolio of the bank based on an assessment of its profitability and risk of the proposed method, proposed recommendations for improving the investment strategy of commercial banks. The proposed approach to building the portfolio of securities, on the one hand, based on generally accepted theories of portfolio investment, and, on the other hand, takes into account the attractiveness of financial assets, estimated by using various indicators — earnings per share, capitalization, etc.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):63-74
pages 63-74 views

Sustainable development reporting: trends, drivers, and challenges

Efimova O.V.


This article analyses methodology and best practice of Sustainable Development Reporting (SDR). The research is based on the examination of existing approaches and international experience of SDR. Best practice of international companies was taken into consideration. It is concluded that it is necessary to distinguish the objectives of SDR for both internal and external users. Taking into account the information needs of key users groups the most important performance indicators are offered. The analysis has shown that sustainability reporting in Russia is mainly used by public companies and corporations. To spread the SDR further it is necessary to involve small and medium businesses into the process. The study examines new requirements for Sustainability Development Reporting.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):75-82
pages 75-82 views

Risk management and specifics of access of the broker companies on the currency market of the Moscow exchange

Golovin E.A., Golodova Z.G., Fedyakina L.N.


Work is devoted to the analysis of transformation of an exchange turn of currency in Russia, the admission to participation in the auction of the non-bank organizations, such as broker companies and to the analysis of structural changes in the exchange technologies caused by the admission of a new class of participants on the currency auction. An important aspect of these changes is the assessment of ways of control of risks of clients at mass service in the currency market. The question of formation of technology of the central contractor according to transactions on currency, and in the near future and in stock market with application of the delayed delivery and partial predeposition of assets, an assessment of risks of the central contractor is separately investigated.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):83-91
pages 83-91 views

Evaluation and main directions of improving the stability of the banking system in Russia in economic uncertainty

Golovina E.E., Preys V.Y.


This article focuses on the evaluation and trends of increasing the stability of the banking sector of the Russian Federation. Stability of the Russian banking system due to the imbalance of the institutional structure and key elements of the banking activity, and to a large extent exposed to the crisis. The transformation of banking towards more effective interaction with the real sector is based on the optimization of the structure of the credit resources by major borrowers, that is, structural changes in the system of internal loans. For a complete and high quality to meet the requirements of Basel–3 needs serious qualitative transformation of the structure of capital and assets, the development of the financial infrastructure, mechanisms and tools that will help take banking meaningful place for economic growth.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):92-101
pages 92-101 views

The problems of formation of the technological structure of industrial production

Chaplyuk V.Z.


The problems associated with the formation in manufacturing companies, vertically integrated structures that combine into a whole entire technological chain of industrial businesses. Formulated a conclusion that access to progressive technologies must be implemented on the basis of advanced technologies and forming the basis for their new industrial and economic systems of innovation types.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):102-109
pages 102-109 views

Prognosis models of estimating transactions costs in procurement with casual character

Shutova P.A., Isavnin A.G.


Purpose of the article — the solution of complex and multifaceted problem of estimating the value of transaction costs in procurement. In a format of a problem of an estimation transactions costs of negotiating and the conclusion of contracts and transactions costs at the electronic purchases having casual character, the toolkit of their estimation in procurement is offered. For this purpose on the basis of transformations of Laplas look-ahead models taking into account influence of random factors which can be applied at the various enterprises automotive industries are developed and presented. The proposed tool will help to prevent distortions in calculating the assessment of transaction costs in procurement.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2012;(4):110-116
pages 110-116 views

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