No 2 (2014)


The solution of food security threat in Russia on federal and regional levels of government

Mironova M.N., Rasskazova Y.I.


The article is devoted to one of the most important aspects of increasing the national food security in Russia - the government measures of boosting an agriculture sector. The article deals with the current peculiarities of food security and the main problems of agriculture in Russian Federation. The development of agriculture and vegetables’ growing were analyzed during 1990-2012 and a few regional leaders of vegetables’ growing were also determined. The authors made estimations of the state measures related to the agricultural development on federal and regional levels of government and the comparison with the successful experience of vegetables’ growing. The continuing threat of the food security not unsuccessfully is solved by the federal and regional levels of governments` measures mainly using a software approach in Russian Federation. Along with Russian regions actively use direct and indirect effects` methods: the backing of industry participants, preferential lending terms, the introduction of insurance, new technologies and the updating material and technical base. The most effective instruments of regulation were also indicated.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):5-15
pages 5-15 views

Analysis of the situation in the Light Industry in Russia

Litvinova A.G.


This article analyzed the situation in the light industry in Russia in terms of integration into the world economy and the causes of its underdevelopment such as: lack of own raw materials, poor funding and support from the state, low competition, illiteracy managers in the industry. Purpose of the research was to identify the factors that negatively influence the development of the industry and the development of effective tools for gaining its stable positions in both domestic and foreign markets.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):16-26
pages 16-26 views

Russia in «G8» outside: accelerating growth

Kostrova N.A.


Some specific questions of social and economic development of Russia are examined within the context of macroeconomic development trends and growth forecasts of G8 countries. The author focuses on slowdown in growth of Russian economy during the last years and presents the reasonable forecast of the possible growth of macroeconomic performances of Russia in 2014.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):27-32
pages 27-32 views

Trafficking for labor exploitation in Russia in globalization of the world economy

Ryazantsev S.V., Sivoplyasova S.Y.


This article is about investigation of the trafficking for labor exploitation. This problem has been studied in the context of globalization of the world economy and active participation of our country in international migration processes. The reasons and characteristics of human trafficking for labor exploitation in modern Russia were studied. There were estimated scale of this crime in Russia and in the world, determined the main directions of flows of migrants who are victims of trafficking, identified the main spheres of economy where workers are exploited, offered directions of the development of measures for prevention of trafficking.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):33-39
pages 33-39 views

Organic foods market: global trends and prospects for further development in Russia

Belova I.N., Karslyants E.A.


The article views the problems and the prospects of organic foods market’s formation and development. The authors aimed at identifying the nature and specificity of organic products, displaying trends in the global market of organic product, determining the condition of the Russian food market. Also, the author assessed the possibilities and prospects of organic segment in the Russian food market. This assessment has a significant practical importance, because it will allow to business representatives assessing their capabilities when they decide to enter at the Russian organic food market. Formation of this market in our country shall be regarded both in terms of consumer demands and other important aspects, which includes manufacturing, agriculture, natural resources and legal aspects. The authors keep an issue on the front-burner to definition of the major factors affecting the development of the Russian organic food market and find its potential.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):40-48
pages 40-48 views

Key factors of Warsaw Stock Exchange attractiveness and the comparison with Moscow Stock Exchange

Glavina S.G.


This article is dedicated to the research of attractiveness of regional stock exchanges, for example one of the most popular and attractive exchanges of Europe - Warsaw Stock Exchange. Author used a qualitative and quantitative analysis to describe two main trade sites of the stock exchange - New Connect and the Main List, with respect to general characteristics: the capitalization, the movement of the major indices, the volume of trading in shares, the IPO market. In addition author made a comparison of the listing terms of the Warsaw and Moscow stock exchanges in order to identify a more competitive environment. Moscow Stock Exchange is really popular among Russian issuers, but is not a leading regional stock exchange. Thus the article identified and proved reasons of the popularity and competitiveness of the Warsaw Stock Exchange And this article also analyzes the difference in the development of two regional stock exchanges.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):49-60
pages 49-60 views

Initiative of the financial sector in the implementation of social responsibility practices and sustainable development

Savina T.N.


Recently more attention has been drawn to problems of social responsibility of business, its role in the socio-economic development. Indeed, can often be seen as a modern company (not depending on the direction and scope), in order to avoid potential threats set strategic goals and interests and competitiveness forced to maintain its image, to work on improving the business reputation, build our work basing on the principles of social responsibility. The purpose of this study is to determine the initiatives of financial institutions in promoting ideas and practices in the area of social responsibility and sustainable development. The author proposes to solve the following main tasks: to determine the contribution of the financial sector in the implementation of social programs; to study the practice of responsible Finance; to identify the reasons hindering the development of project financing in Russia. The research is aimed at revealing ideas and initiatives of the financial sector in the practice of social responsibility and sustainable development. The article is carried out using tools of systems analysis.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):61-70
pages 61-70 views

Purchase order approval process improvement through electronic workflow project implementation

Akhmetova A.R.


This article deals with main business process improvement approaches applied by companies to increase their competitiveness. Nowadays effective business processes are becoming competitive advantages and core factor of companies’ success being able to address external threats. Unfortunately, few companies pay special attention to the core business processes improvement initiatives as there are the following obstacles the management may face: the absence of comprehensive approach to process management, lack of resources, infrastructure, red tape, improper expertise and lack of innovation. The author analyzes the successful example of project improvement for purchase order workflow with the implementation of e-document system. The author reviews not only advantages of project implementation but the problems any company may face on the way of business process improvement. Moreover, the author concludes that companies aimed at long-term success should take on the comprehensive approach covering not only business process improvement methodology but project management expertise.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):71-80
pages 71-80 views

The Results of TEFAF 2014 as a Reflection of the Art-Market Trends

Yakovleva N.V.


The situation in the world art-market in the period from 2002 up to the present date is considered in the work: data of value and volume of transactions of the global art-market are given; the phenomenal rise of the Chinese market, the stability of the US market and the european art-market falling are stressed. The history and the development of the world’s leading art fair - The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF, Maastricht) - are given. The results of TEFAF 2014 are considered. The following trends of the global art-market have been discovered: the permanent demand of all participants for old masters; significant market growth due to the sails of the very expensive art-objects while a total number of transactions is decreasing; raising interest to the art-objects from China and Japan; the increasing demand for expensive works of arts and crafts and antiques.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):81-90
pages 81-90 views

Foreign trade of Turkish Republic: current situation and prospects

Suleymanov A.V.


In article is considered the modern condition and prospects of foreign trade of Turkish Republic. The author in detail analyzes export-import parameters of the turkish state for last years, and also is determined the specificity of modern economic relations of Ankara with her leading trading partners - Germany, Russia, Iraq, the Great Britain, Italy and the USA. Alongside with this, the important attention is given consideration of trading specificity in a regional section and also an predictive estimation the parameters reflected in «plans for development» of the state and developed according to by «Export strategy», providing occurrence Turkey in ten the largest economy of the world on volume of gross national product and achievement to 2023 of a mark of export to 500 billion dollars. Certainly, last years foreign trade of the turkish state shows fantastic on scale rates of growth. During with 2003 for 2013 export-import parameters of the country have increased approximately in 3,5 times. Besides active attraction of foreign investments and services that serves in aggregate as a firm support for development of turkish economy as a whole is observed.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):91-100
pages 91-100 views

M. Ilieva. Socio-economic transformation in Bulgaria

Rodionova I.A.


Страны Центральной и Восточной Европы приступили к системной трансформации экономики и политической системы, имея разные стартовые условия, что в значительной степени определило достигнутые ими на сегодняшний день результаты. В рецензируемой книге динамику социально-экономических изменений в Болгарии в период с начала 1990-х годов автор рассматривает с географической точки зрения, характеризуя их как длительный, сложный, жесткий, а иногда даже драматический процесс изменений при переходе к рыночной модели экономики.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2014;(2):101-103
pages 101-103 views

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