No 2 (2011)


Peculiarities of the financial and economic crises of nowadays in the epoch of globalization

Eifary A.K., Mantsev V.V.


The article is dedicated to peculiarities of the financial and economic crisis of nowadays and its considerable differences in comparison to the traditional recurring crises of overproduction. The work reflects process of drawing of some developing countries and first of all oil-extracting countries into the modern financial and economic crisis. The estimation of experiences and measures directed to going out of the Great Depression in the framework New Course of F.D. Roosevelt occupies the important place in the article. The article also analyzes its affectivity and applicability in the conditions of the current Russia.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):5-13
pages 5-13 views

Russian Federation foreign economic policy priorities evolution (2000-2010)

Voyteshonok Y.A.


The aim of the present article is to study the evolution and development of RF foreign economic policy priorities in 2000-2010. The study is based on RF Foreign Policy Conception (2000, 2008) and integrated development programs' analysis. Foreign economic policy role is strengthening and its goals are evolving and becoming more ambitious. This became possible mostly due to RF reliance of IMF credits and emerged ability to determine its own economic development priorities. Integral export support system is forming along with strengthening of protectionism trends in respond to RF economic modernization and innovation development.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):14-22
pages 14-22 views

Backlogs of development of agricultural production of non-black area of Russia

Semenovich V.S.


In article questions of development of agricultural production of the Nonchernozem zone of the Russian Federation are considered. Statistics of gross national product of the Central federal district for 2008 the Analysis of dynamics of manufacture of the basic products of agriculture on areas of the Nonchernozem zone of the Russian Federation. Curtailment of production of agricultural production, a difficult condition of agro-industrial and cattle-breeding branches are described, and also reserves and the basic ways of its development not immediate prospects are shown.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):23-29
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Future direction of creation of free trade area Russia-ASEAN

Troekurova I.S., Sergun I.P.


In the article it is reviewed perspectives and results of creation of free trade area China-ASEAN and also main future directions of cooperation. It is calculated the activity coefficients of bilateral trade flow between China and ASEAN and between Russia and ASEAN. It is specified perspective for Russia fields and directions of industrial and scientific and technical cooperation with the ASEAN countries and also great multilateral regional projects with the participation of our country. It is viewed the results of the second summit Russia-ASEAN. It is proved that one of the perspective directions of cooperation of Russia with ASEAN countries - conclusion of multilateral agreement about creation of free trade area.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):30-39
pages 30-39 views

Evolution of mutual economic interests of Russia and China

Potapenko M.V.


The article analyzes the phases of the development of Russian-Chinese economic relations over the past 60 years due to changes in economic interests, is investigated the current state of bilateral economic relations between Russia and China, are identified priorities and perspectives of development of political and economic cooperation. Are highlighted the main problems and contradictions in the economic relations between Russia and China, are determined ways of resolving them through the diversification of Russian exports and the intensification of cross-border and regional partnership.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):40-48
pages 40-48 views

The formation of regional pharmaceutical clusters in modern Russia

Shakhovskaya L.S., Evstratov A.V., Peskova O.S.


The article substantiates the importance of development of the regional pharmaceutical clusters in such a geographically huge country like Russia in the context of the overall development of the national pharmaceutical market. Geographical localization of cluster's participants which includes the scientific institutions, pre-clinical and clinical base, modern manufacturing entities and the expert organizations, will contribute to reduce the time-consuming, as well as logistics costs and marketing communications costs that finally means the big affordability of medicinal agents for the country population.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):49-56
pages 49-56 views

Power supplier competitiveness

Nazarova Y.A.


The research purpose is development of methodological basis for generating facilities competitiveness assessment. The conception of power industry competitiveness analyzed. The features of electric power as a commodity considered. The main factors influencing the competitiveness of generating facilities highlighted. These factors are reliability, economic efficiency, ecological impact, social responsibility and risk. The framework for assessing the competitiveness of the generating installations in the energy market proposed. The assessment of competitiveness is based on the solution of multi-criterion problem with method of hierarchy analysis which allow to consider the above mentioned competitiveness factors. Generating facilities competitiveness assessment is important step to mobilize investment.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):57-64
pages 57-64 views

Improving stability of Sberbank of Russia and Bank for Foreign Trade activity in the process of world financial crisis

Bistryakov A.Y., Savchina O.V.


The goal of the research paper is a stability analysis of Sberbank of Russia and Bank for Foreign Trade (VTB) activity that is carried out on the basis of consolidated financial statements relative to key activity figures in conditions of the world financial crisis. For this purpose it is used the Central Bank of Russia estimation technique on valuation of economic condition of banks. Main destabilizing factors acting on the Russian banking system during 2007-2009 are revealed and evaluated. Over this period it was observed the instability of the banks activity relative to such performance indicators, in particular, as: net profit margin, quality of credit portfolio and return on assets. Permanent financial monitoring of the stability of the banks activity makes it possible to implement anti-recessionary measures efficiently.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):65-72
pages 65-72 views

Features assessing the capital adequacy of banks under the countercyclical model of regulation

Fomenko I.I.


The article deals with fundamental issues of assessing the capital adequacy of banks, the evolution of ideas on how to assess it. The author has studied international and Russian practice of assessing capital adequacy oversight bodies, the current state of the capital adequacy of banking sector in Russia and abroad. Shows the effect of the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2010 to consolidate the capital of Russian banks. As part of the introduction of supervisory authorities' counter-cyclical regulatory model, the author developed intra-procedure assessment of capital adequacy; identified and justified by promising sources of capitalization of the banking system of Russia until 2015.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):73-81
pages 73-81 views

Problems of program-oriented method of planning and financing of budget expenditures in Russia

Karandasov S.I.


Program-oriented method of planning and financing of budget expenditures has been actively used in Russia for the past decade, particularly while exercising of federal programs. Currently, the Russian government is preparing to finance 97% of federal budget expenditures in accordance with the program-oriented method. However, along with the obvious advantages of this method, its performance in the Russian Federation has identified a number of problems. Author analyses in this article the Russian experience of program-oriented planning and financing of the budget expenditures, evolves the basic problems, provides recommendations to resolve them.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):82-89
pages 82-89 views

International Innovation Standards and Indexes

Degterev D.A.


The article deals with the OECD standards of innovation activity including Oslo Manual as well as Fraskati Manual and Canberra Manual. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of innovation metrics in 1950-2000. The author summarizes main national systems of innovation metrics including European Innovation Scoreboard and US Periodic Table of Innovation Elements. The principal international innovation ratings are analyzed - Global Innovation Indices (by The Boston Consulting Group and by INSEAD School of Business), innovation part of Global competitiveness Index of World Economic Forum.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):90-98
pages 90-98 views

Probabilistic interpretation of the present value of cash flow

Smarzhevsky I.A.


The question of assessing the current value of the flow of future earnings in the scientific literature worked out very carefully. A key factor in assessing a discounted rate, usually defined as the weighted average cost of capital invested. However, it is possible different perspective on the relationship between the present value of money and its nominal amount, receipt of which is to be in the future. This paper proposes a new approach to the assessment procedure, the current value of the flow based on a probabilistic model in which the relation between the current and future nominal values defined as the confidence level in obtaining value in the future. Application of this model provides a natural way to introduce a quantitative measure of risk for the flow of future earnings. The paper analyzes the properties of the proposed measures of risk, shows its conformity with classical ideas of the relationship between risk and return investments, are examples of the calculation of absolute and relative indicators of the potential flow.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):99-107
pages 99-107 views

X International conference Emerging markets in financial and economic crisis

Aydrus I.A., Dolgopolov D.V.


The review highlights the scientific discussion, which was held during the X International conference Emerging markets in financial and economic crisis. The discussion observed the innovative development problems in the emerging markets and the means of their solving. The speeches on the conference's plenary meeting and the discussions on the breakup groups were analyzed. The main conclusions about the prospects of the innovative development in the emerging markets after the global crisis are concerned. The main means of overcoming the crisis processes in the emerging markets were distinguished during the conference. These are: the institutional transformation, the innovative investments in the infrastructure, close regional integration and the accession to the global economic alliances.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2011;(2):108-112
pages 108-112 views

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