National innovation system: features of the formation and development

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With the deepening of globalization processes state's position on the world arena is increasingly determined by economic development depends on the structure and efficiency of the national innovation system (NIS). It is NIS allows the state to take a niche in the system of international division of labor, to gain weight and status in the system of international relations. The purpose of this study is to identify the key success factors of formation and development of NIS. The author proposes to solve the following main objectives: to give evaluation of the NIS; to reveal the main features of the formation and development of NIS; justify the increasing role of the state in the development of the innovation economy; identify the key determinants of innovation development abroad. The research is aimed at identifying the factors facilitating and impeding the effective development of the NIS. Article performed using the tools of systems analysis.

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T N Savina

Mordovian State University of a name N.P. Ogareva



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