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Research of influence of adverse factors of the environment of life on physical development and population health is one of actual problems of modern ecology. The article is devoted to the solution of actual problems of protection of the population from noise energies production facilities. If the noise energies level from the object in a residential area exceeds the permissible levels (RC), theysound events. Nowdays there is a great variety of means of protection from sound expansion. Many of them are in popular demand, others are less known. The article proposed use of the effect zvukopodavleniya for protection against noise. A new sound dampening material “Zvukopodavlyayuschie mesh panel”. This material must contain structural elements, ensuring the formation of audio streams colliding with antiphase, thereby obtaining the effect of absorbing sound energy. The simulation of sound dampening material under the action of sound vibrations. The high efficiency of the material.

About the authors

A N Skvortsov

Mordovia State University N.P. Ogarev

Author for correspondence.
Email: squortsow.sasha@yandex.ru

PhD student, Institute of Mechanics and Energy, Life Safety Department

Russian str., 7, working village Yalga, Republic of Mordovia, Russia, 430904


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Copyright (c) 2017 Skvortsov A.N.

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