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Performance test-objects for biotesting toxic soils, contaminated waste leather and cement productive activities, remediation of the substrates are vermicomposting: worms (Lumbricina) - low-temperature stability, weight and adaptive descriptions, the reproducibility and recovery of populations, number of specimens, cocoons, juveniles; for plants: Triticum aestivum L. - growth parameters, Lactuca sativa- is the water-holding capacity, water content of grain leaves.

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I Yu Korneeva

FSBEI HE «Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named After P.A. Kostychev»

Author for correspondence.

Applicant, FSBEI HE «Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named After P.A. Kostychev»

Kostychev 1, Ryazan, Russia, 390044


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