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Amos Exline (26.10.2017)

This recovery software package is an effective solution when Windows crash. Spotmau BootSuite provides the necessary modules to keep running the Windows computer again.

This is a professional solution that includes 40+ utilities to protect and recover data from crashed Windows or hard-drives. When the Windows is inaccessible it is possible to boot it using the CD/USB booting option, which is a graphical environment with the required tools to fix most of problems; enabling to recover the original installation.

SpotmauSpot BootSuite comes equipped with an user-friendly interface to access the utilities like safeguard, media manage, optimize, repair and restore. We want to emphasize the ability to create a boot disk to recover an inaccessible Windows installation; it is commonly named 'lifesaver'.

Boot Up Computer

    Boot Windows (server and desktop) when it is crashed.
    Provide the option of boot from CD/DVD and USB drives.

Rescue Crashed Computers

    Boot computers in the scenario of virus infection.
    Recover from common crashes, for example, blue-screen.
    Fix random booting problems and crashes.
    Provide fixing routines for important records (NTLDR, BOOTMGR, etc.).
    Repair partition tables, registry corruption and MBR.
    Feature one-click recovery capabilities.
    This product is fully compatible with Windows versions (server and desktop editions).

Data Rescue

    Transfer data from the damaged media to external devices.
    Rescue crashed or accidentally formatted disks.

DOS Command Environment

    Offer MS-DOS command environment with disk oriented utilities, such as Chkdsk, Debug, Fdisk, Diskcopy, Scandisk and so on.

Recover Windows and Office Product Key

    Users will be able to retrieve the Windows product key.
    Rescue Office product's key and other common applications.

Because this product is a bootable CD, a trial version is not available. Using the Buy Now button on the right, you will purchase an electronically delivered product to burn the CD yourself, plus an option to receive the product on CD for an extra $ 4.75. This CD will be shipped the next business day, from California USA. If you do not require the CD because you are able to burn it yourself from the downloaded file, simply remove it from the shopping cart.

We recommend Spotmau BootSuite 2012 because it provides an easy way for non-technical PC users to recover a Windows computer from some of the most common critical errors that prevent start-up. It has become one of the most popular utilities reviewed on this site and has been used successfully by thousands of people.