Action of copper nanoparticles on clinical strains of gram-negative bacteria

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Manifested antibacterial action of copper nanoparticles on polyantibioticoresistant clinical strains of enterobacteria family, exuded from patients with purulent complications of a traumatologic-orthopedic hospital has been determined in the concentrations from 0,001 mg/ml to 1 mg/ml and in different temporary expositions. It has been revealed high antibacterial activity of copper nanoparticles.

About the authors

I V Babushkina

SarNIITO Rosmedtechnologiy

СарНИИТО Росмедтехнологий; SarNIITO Rosmedtechnologiy

V A Martyanova

SGMU Roszdrava

SGMU Roszdrava

E V Borodulina

SGMU Roszdrava

SGMU Roszdrava

A L Borovskiy

SGMU Roszdrava

SGMU Roszdrava

М Sakkala

SGMU Roszdrava

SGMU Roszdrava

М Albubu

SGMU Roszdrava

SGMU Roszdrava




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Copyright (c) 2010 Бабушкина И.В., Мартьянова В.А., Бородулина Е.В., Боровский А.Л., Саккала М., Эльбубу М.

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