History of Mexican linguistics: Lope Blanc and the project of the «Linguistic Atlas of Mexico»

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The historiography of hispanic linguistics, in particular Mexican, is a subject practically not developed in Russian hispanic studies. In this article two aspects of the scientific and pedagogical activity of one of the most outstanding Mexican linguists of the 20th century - J.M. Lope Blanc - are examined: his contribution to the formation of the Mexican linguistic school and his work on the project of the «Linguistic Atlas of Mexico». The knowledge and understanding of the Lope Blanch's linquistic inheritance is necessary to correctly evaluate the development of hispanic studies in the world.

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S A Iakovleva

Aragon National Autonomous University of Mexico

Email: svietaiak@yahoo.com
Центр иностранных языков факультета Арагон; Национальный автономный университет Мексики; Aragon National Autonomous University of Mexico


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