We study the vibrations of multilayer composite rod. In order to influence the definition-tion features multilayered rods, clarify the roles and forms orthotropy-layers fluctuations regarded rod of arbitrary cross section and a compressor blade Nye. The numerical results obtained for ratios compared with the results calculated by ANSYS program.

Alibek U Nurimbetov

Principal contact for editorial correspondence.
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Volokolamskoe shosse, 4, Moscow, Russia, 125993

Candidate of Phys-math. Sciences, doctoral candidate of the chair “Strength of aviation and rocket-and-space structures”

Alexander A Dudchenko

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Volokolamskoe shosse, 4, Moscow, Russia, 125993

Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor of “Strength of aviation and rocket-and-space structures”

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