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RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):5-5
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Transformations of Religious Trends in Modern Chinese Islam

Bazanova E.A.


The transformation of different religious trends in Chinese Islam from it's beginning to the present time and the influence of Chinese foreign policy changes on the development of these trends are examined in the article. Islam first appeared in China during the Tan dynasty and since that time it has undergone quite a number of changes both under the influence of Chinese culture and the Muslim world. There are different trends in Modern Chinese Islam: «gedimu» (from the Arabic word meaning «old»), different sufi schools, which are very popular in North-West China. As a result of China's interaction with the Middle East the «Ihewani» and salafiya trends appeared in the country. Nevertheless these trends cannot be considered as imposed ones because they have features and specific character typical of Chinese Islam.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):6-14
pages 6-14 views

Religious and Legal Status of non-Muslims in Early Islam (VII-XI centuries)

Kadyrova K.A.


The author examines the religious and legal status of non-Muslims within the Muslim state at the VIIth - XIth centuries. The work researches the categories of the non-Muslim population and analyses their rights and obligations. The author gives particular attention to the mechanism, principles, as well as the character of the relationship between Muslims and adherents of another faiths.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):15-26
pages 15-26 views

The Current Relations between China and Latin America

Borzova A.Y.


The article deals with the peculiarities of diplomatic relations between China and Latin American countries, the development of economic cooperation and Chinese political influence in this region. The high level of China's economic development has facilitated its economic ties with Latin America. The multilateral relations with these countries have become an integral part of Chinese foreign policy. This was underlined in the conceptual document «Chinese Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean», published in 2008, which reflects the main purposes and perspectives of China's policy in Latin America.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):27-40
pages 27-40 views

The Radicals and the Soviet-Argentina relationship (based on materials from Russian archives)

Kazakov V.P.


This article is dedicated to the development of Soviet-Argentine relations in the 1920-s, which were closely related with the renewal of the commercial ties between the two countries. In particular, the author analyses the activity of Usamtorg, founded in 1927, and the history of Soviet-Argentine negotiations with regard to Soviet oil sales to that country. Despite the absence of diplomatic relations between Argentina and the USSR, the trade relations between the two countries up to the 1930-s were rather active.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):41-53
pages 41-53 views

Irony and Toleration: Lessons from the Travels of Mendes Pinto

Laursen J.C.


Rebecca Catz argues that Fernao Mendes Pinto's «Peregrination», a sprawling account of travels in the East first published in 1614, is a «plea for toleration». Richard Rorty says that irony is a good mode for postmodern intellectual life. But attention to the text suggests «that Mendes Pinto provided» a much more subtle and nihilistic irony than Rorty imagines, and that his text is a plea for toleration in only the most attenuated sense.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):54-69
pages 54-69 views
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Professor Pavel Ivanovitch Putchkov (1930-2008)

Barinova E.B.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):74-87
pages 74-87 views

Our Outstanding Scholars: Professor Igor Ivanovitch Orlik

Zabolotnyi V.M.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):88-92
pages 88-92 views

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RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(4):93-93
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