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Editor's note

Tsvyk V.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):5-6
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Thoughts about Spain

Larin E.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):7-7
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The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 and the Propaganda Struggle: the French Component

Malay V.V.


The author analyses the international aspect of the Spanish Civil War and the interpretation of the War as an ideological struggle, and studies the propaganda contained in radical right-wing French, Italian, British press, using new documents from the Archives of the Foreign Policy of the Russian MFA. The European press used the Spanish Civil War topic to aggravate the situation in Spain, to widen the division in the Popular Front in France and split France and Britain from the Soviet Union.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):8-19
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Spanish Government in Exile (1945-1946): Collapse of the Anti-Francoist Project

Sagomonyan A.A.


The article discusses the history of the Spanish government in exile formed in 1945 by politicians of the Second Spanish Republic which was defeated in the Civil War (1936-1939). After the end of the World War II a significant part of the Spanish emigration attempted to eliminate the Franco dictatorship through the support of the Great Powers as well as through the newly established United Nations. However, the divisions in emigrant political circles were insurmountable, the newly-formed government had little support, and its collapse was inevitable.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):20-35
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Two Images of Zapatero's Spain

Bukharmedova L.M.


The article deals with the comparative analysis of Zapatero's first (2004-2008) and beginning of the second (2008-2012) terms of office. The first four-year period was relatively successful for the socialists, despite strong opposition to all governmental initiatives by M. Rajoi's People's party. After their victory in the general election of May 9, 2008 the socialists had to face challenges arising from the world economic crisis.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):36-51
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The 400th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Moriscos: Basic Results and Tendencies of the Development of Moriscology

Prokopenko S.A.


The article deals with the basic investigational phases of the history of the Moriscos during the XVI-XXI centuries. Views of different representatives of the «Moriscologia»: traditionalists of the XVIIth century (P. Aznar Cardon), liberals of the XIXth century (F. Janer) and others influenced by the «Historiographic revolution» (T. Halperin Doughi) are analyzed.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):52-64
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Rescue Mission: Alfonso XIII and the Russian Imperial Famil

Mednikov I.Y.


The article deals with a little-known episode of the Russian-Spanish relations at the beginning of XXth century. It concerns the Spanish Monarch Alfonso XIII diplomatic initiatives that aimed for the rescue of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family after the Russian Revolutions of 1917. The previous investigations of this question of J. Cortés-Cavanillas, C. Seco Serrano and A. Olano-Ereña are considered. A detailed reconstruction of this «rescue mission» became possible due to documents from the General Archive of Palace (Madrid), the General Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain (Madrid), Eduardo Dato's Archive (Royal Academy of History, Madrid) and the Archive of the Russian Empire Foreign Policy (Moscow).
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):65-75
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D. Schevitch's Reports on the Beginning of the 1898 Spanish-American War

Fridman M.A.


Russian diplomat D. Shevitch's reports on the beginning of the Spanish-American War of 1898 are presented in this article. The war was the last serious armed conflict of the XIXth century and the first war of the new imperial era. Shevitch was the official representative of the Russian Empire in Spain in 1896-1905. His reports increase and define our knowledge on the beginning of the Spanish-American War. The article includes some archival documents published for the first time.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):76-82
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Spanish-Soviet Cultural Relations: the Program of Cultural and Scientific Cooperation between the USSR and Spain for the 1980-1981

Yurkov D.V.


The article deals with the development of Spanish-Russian relations in the 1980ies. The «Program of Soviet-Spanish cultural and scientific cooperation for 1980-1981», offered for publication, was the first significant document signed by the Soviet and Spanish governments in the cultural and scientific field after the restoration of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Spain.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):83-90
pages 83-90 views

We are united by Business-like Cooperation

Ponomarenko L.V.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):91-93
pages 91-93 views

Department of the Spanish Language at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Khimich G.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):94-96
pages 94-96 views

Spanish History Studies at the People's Friendship University of Russia

Borzova A.Y., Volosyuk O.V.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):97-100
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Svetlana Petrovna Pozharskaya

Namazova A.S.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):101-103
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Svetlana Pozharskaya, Eminent Russian Hispanist

Viñas A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):104-105
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Svetlana Petrovna Pozharskaya and the Studies of the Contemporary History of Spain

Malay V.V., Novikov M.V.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):106-117
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RUDN Journal of World History. 2011;(1):128-129
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