No 4 (2010)


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Tsvyk V.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):5-6
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Eurasian idea: origins and evolution

Orlik I.I.


This article examines the political presuppositions and expanding intellectual impact of Eurasianism, that has a long and remarkably dense intellectual history stretching back to the 1920s (and with antecedents in the nineteenth century). The article is aimed to context and to bring together the many varieties of Eurasianism that have emerged over the 20th century.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):7-21
pages 7-21 views

Henry V Lancaster and the idea of Anglo-French Double Monarchy

Sidyaka A.V.


Henry V of Lancaster (1413-1422) was one of the most illustrious medieval English monarchs. His short reign was dominated by the idea of uniting England and France into so-called double monarchy, under his rule. How did Henry V envisage the supposed Anglo-French kingdom, how was this idea put into reality, what were the causes of its failure - these are the principal problems which this article deals with.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):22-34
pages 22-34 views

Russia-Tunisia: Political Relations (Past and Present)

Podtserob A.В.


Russian interest in cooperation with Tunisia is linked to the geopolitical place of that country, witch is a part of two important to Russia regions - the Arab World and the Mediterranean. Active relations with the RF permit Tunisia to maintain a balance in the system of its international links. During contacts between the ministers of foreign affaires and consultations between the MFA of two states there is an exchange of views on the Middle East settlement, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Africa.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):35-43
pages 35-43 views

Russian Historiography on Russian-Spanish Relations in the XVIIIth century: traditions and new methods

Volosyuk O.V.


This article explores the different views on Russian-Spanish Relations and Spanish Foreign Policy of the XVIIIth century to be found in Russian scholarship. It begins with the perceptions of Spanish Policy in the XIXth century and how these evolved in subsequent centuries. In recent times, historians have sought to overcome the different stereotypes that abounded in previous centuries and, in Post-Soviet scholarship, fresh and as yet unreconciled facets of Spanish history of the XVIIIth century continue to emerge, providing the basis for a rather different portrait of the events and persons.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):44-57
pages 44-57 views

Chinese Historiography on some actual problems of Chinese-Soviet and Chinese-Postsoviet Relation

Chudodeev Y.V.


This article examines a number of problems actively debated by contemporary Chinese historiography like estimations of Russia-China treaties, J. Stalin's role, reasons of cold war, collapse of USSR etc.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):58-65
pages 58-65 views

China's attitude towards the Kuwait crisis (1990-1991)

Bazanova E.A.


The relations between China, Iraq and Kuwait before and during the Kuwait crisis are examined in this article. It analyzes China's voting behavior in UN Security Council during the Second Gulf war and the trends and changes in China's Middle Eastern strategy in the last decade of 20th century.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):66-74
pages 66-74 views

The policy of social reformism of New Labour of Great Britain in the 90th of the XX century

Davidenko E.V.


This article explores the social policies of New Labour the Great Britain at the end of the 20th century. The Labour Party reviewed the experience of Liberals, Traditional Labour and Conservatives social policy and developed the way of social transformations for a society whose citizens receive social benefits through their work.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):75-83
pages 75-83 views

The Story of a Real Man: Oleg Konstantinovich Dreyer

Zuyeva E.G., Solodkova O.L., Kardash A.I.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):84-91
pages 84-91 views

Yuri Nikolaevitch Gavrilov (1932-2010)

- -.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):92-92
pages 92-92 views

Igor Efimovich Nikonov (1930-2010)

Elmanova N.S.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):93-95
pages 93-95 views

Review: Models of Regional Integration: Past and Present / Ed. by A.S. Manikin. - M.: Olbi Print, 2010. - 648 p

Borzova A.Y., Kurilev K.P.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):96-99
pages 96-99 views

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RUDN Journal of World History. 2010;(4):100-101
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