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Kirabaev N.S.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):5-5
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Tsvyk V.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):6-6
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The Realization of the Main Principles of Canadian Conservatism Under the Conservative Goverrnment of Brian Mulroney during the 1980S-1990S

Komarov A.N.


This article is an attempt to describe the essence and the stages of Canadian conservatism as an ideology, and the realization of its principles in the activity of the Brian Mulroney government in 1984-1993. The ultimate goal of this paper is to analyze the reasons for the success of the Progressive Conservative party during the general elections of 1984 and 1988, as well as to draw attention to Conservative decisions aimed at resolving the question of Quebec (the Meechlake and the Charlotettown accords), and to clarify the major directions of the party's activity to enhance its social and regional electoral base during the above mentioned period.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):7-22
pages 7-22 views

Islamism, Military Junta or Regulated Democracy? (Concerning the Question of Political Development Options in Sudan in the Medium Term)

Seregichev S.Y.


The conclusion of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ended years of armed confrontation between the South and the North opened new perspectives for Sudanese political progress, but at the same time set a daunting challenge in the choice of future development. This article is devoted to analyzing the political and socio-economic tendencies in Sudan in 2005-2008, on the basis of which the author makes an attempt to outline a rough estimate of the development of Sudan in the medium term.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):23-39
pages 23-39 views

The Massalia Pólis and its Organisation: from Oligarchy to Moderate Aristocracy

Kozlovskaya V.I.


This article is an attempt to describe the political organization of Massalia in the antique period, especially its evolution from moderate oligarchy to moderate aristocracy. The civil community of Massalia was mixed, and included also representatives of the local notables. Massalia was famous for its laws as well as its court system. As far as the revenues of the state were concerned, it was a tradition in Massalia to use the property census for this purpose.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):40-47
pages 40-47 views

The Struggle for Power in Ottoman Egypt in the Early XVIII Century as reflected in Arabic Ottoman Chronicles

Kudelin A.A.


This article concerns the struggle for political power in Ottoman Egypt in the early XVIII century, which resulted in the domination of this province of the Ottoman empire by the leaders of the Mamluk factions and in the relegation of the Ottoman Administration to a secondary role.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):48-61
pages 48-61 views

Russia and Europe on the threshold of a new collective security structure

Zabolotnyi V.M.


The article deals with the most important problems of emergence new collective security system in Europe in the conditions of a deep geopolitical crisis. It touches upon new ideas and conceptions of a secure world at the beginning of a new century and rather complicated problems of international relation among European countries in the field of energy cooperation and energy security.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):62-70
pages 62-70 views

The Issue of Establishing Self-Government in the Cape Provinces in the 1860s-1870s

Lobkova N.A.


The article is devoted to the important and insufficiently investigated question of English Colonialism in South Africa. The period examined in the article was of primary importance in the development and realization of liberal imperial concepts as applied in settler colonies including the Cape Province which occupied significant place in the process of the expansion of the British Empire.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):71-85
pages 71-85 views

The Question of the Genocide of the Armenian People in Archival Documents

Matevosyan S.M.


This article examines archival documents of different countries as the main sources in the research on the genocide of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire in the early XXth century. The author analyses the specific characteristics of official documentation on this subject and makes conclusions concerning the representative character of the existing source material on this question.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):86-94
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pages 95-100 views

Review: Larin E.A. World history: Latin American civilization

Volosyuk O.V.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):101-103
pages 101-103 views

Dissertational Council D 212.203.04 in People's Friendship University of Russia in 2008

Zueva E.G.


This article concerns the activity of the Dissertational Council D 212.203.04 in People's Friendship University of Russia in 2008.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):104-108
pages 104-108 views

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RUDN Journal of World History. 2009;(1):106-106
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