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Tsvyk V.A.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):5-6
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Models of Colonization of America (System of Adaptation and Material Culture of Paleoindians)

Panasyuk N.V.


The article deals with the problems of the first migrations and the colonization of Americas at the end of the Ice Age. The quantity and the quality, such as directions, of theses migration are disputable. At the edge of Pleistocene and Holocene first paleoindians come to the continent. Their anthropological characteristics, ways of migration and environmental adaptation - those are problems, acquiring their resolution using data not only archeological methods, but also different additional information.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):7-18
pages 7-18 views

Avaris & Gonur

Bacri A.a.


This article is an investigation of 2nd-millennium BC chronology, architecture and material culture in Egypt and in Central Asia relying on material from the sites of Avaris, capital of Egypt under the Hyksos was located near modern Tell el-Dab'a in the northeastern region of the Nile Delta, and Gonur-depe, which was discovered and named by the Soviet archaeologist Victor Sarianidi . The author studies questions concerning the origins of settlements, their absolute chronology and the extent of inter-relations with other societies.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):19-29
pages 19-29 views

Jan Stanislav Skrejsovsky: the Dissent in the National Party of the Czech Lands in the 1870s

Baratov P.N.


The article deals with the process of dissent in the National Party of the Czech Lands in the 70-s of the XIX century: two clearly defined factions within the Czech National Party had emerged: the Old Czechs and the Young Czechs. The author examines political position of Jan Stanislav Skrejsovsky, a prominent Czech businessman, a member of the National Party (the Old Czechs), his struggle with the National Party of Freethinkers (the Young Czechs) formed in 1874. The problem of Czech political press as an instrument of political struggle is discussed in the article.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):30-40
pages 30-40 views

«Imperial consensus»: the last attempt of England to prevent disintegration of the British Empire

Zabolotny V.M.


The article deals with the last period of the British Empire well known by the term «imperialism». After the Boer war Britain undertakes serious attempts to reform the failing Empire and to strengthen it by new and more attractive ideas of «imperial consensus». Exactly at that time the first institutions of the British Commonwealth of Nations came into being. There is no doubt that at this complicated period England has prepared reliable background for the future Commonwealth.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):41-49
pages 41-49 views

New Issues of Strategic Stability

Mizin V.I.


The article describes new aspects in the development of contemporary international security situation and strategic stability. The author opines that the current phase of international relations tends to be rather chaotic and highly unpredictable in its evolution. He attempts to trace the influence of such unorthodox factors as polycentrical nature of the world, departure from exacerbated military confrontation, global terrorist threat on the formation of a principally novel model of strategic stability which substitutes the paradigms of the Cold War era. The article dresses the list of specific proposals on the strengthening of military and political security worldwide.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):50-67
pages 50-67 views

Establishment and Development of Diplomatic Service of Brazil

Borzova А.Y.


The article deals with the history of Itamaraty, Brazil's Foreign Service. After independence, Brazil is beginning to create its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objectives of foreign policy change, and the structure of the Itamaraty becomes more complicated. The result is the most complex and extensive diplomatic service in Latin America.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):68-77
pages 68-77 views

Image of Persian Woman in Russia and the USSR in 1800-1950s reflected in Social and Political essays

Larionova A.Y.


The article studies the image of Persian woman reflected in Russian travel notes and social and political essays printed in Russia and the USSR in 1800-1950s, and the factors that influenced on formation of this image.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):78-86
pages 78-86 views

Academic contacts between Spanish and Russian Historians: 30 years of collaboration (1981-2011)

Volosyuk O.V.


The article is a case study of the Colloquiums of Spanish and Russian Historians as the example of cultural and scientific contacts between Spain and Russia after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1977. The great importance of the first colloquiums consisted in building cultural and ideological bridges between Soviet Union and post-Franco Spain. For three decades they were a forum for academic debates and a platform for discussing innovative methods and approaches in historical studies. The role of S. Pozharskaya, E. Sáez, M. Espadas Burgos, A. Chubaryan is studied.
RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):87-113
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RUDN Journal of World History. 2012;(1):118-119
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