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The article examines the phenomenon of incarnation that took place among the Kalmyks and Oirats (Torghuts, Jungars, Derbets, Khoshuts) in the XVI-XVIII centuries. Particular attention is paid to incarnations of the well-known Kalmyk (Torghut) Lama Andzhatan (XVII-XVIII centuries), whose activity had had a significant impact on the history of Buddhism among Kalmyks. For the first time in the Russian historiography the author uses the special source - the text, written on the pedestal of the monument to the 19th incarnation of Lama Andzhatan - Lobsang Nyima Danbi (1918-1985), which summarizes the history of the incarnations of this Buddhist leader. The analysis of the text leads to the conclusion that Lama’s incarnations had been continued (or had been resumed) after the exodus of the Kalmyks to China in 1771, thanks to the policy of Qing dynasty, aimed to use religion in the state interest.

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Baatr Uchaevich Kitinov

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

The Department of the World History


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