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In the first decades of the 20th century several countries underwent turbulent revolutionary change. In this respect it is interesting to trace how the representatives of one of these states perceived affairs in the other. The article deals with the Mexican revolutionary experience as seen by Russian diplomatists, military agents and journalists. For the reasons of their responsibilities, the diplomatists and the military mostly concentrated on political change and war potential; the journalists were concerned with everyday life and mentality of the people. While the first two categories were mainly conservative, the last usually held a liberal position. Much attention is paid to the role the United States played in the Mexican revolution, which shows a wide range of views on American foreign policy and reflects important stereotypes. It is concluded that the Russian subjects and emigrants only slightly noticed the similarity between the two countries, causing some trouble during the rapprochement after the Russian revolution.

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A Anatol'evich Manukhin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Department of History, School of Social Sciences and the Humanities


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