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This article gives an overview and analysis of previous studies, as well as computer programs for calculation of accuracy, including construction steel. The description and analysis of the functionality of the new computer complex "Dimensional Analysis of beam structures" (VC RASK). Verification of EC RASK, confirming the correctness and accuracy of the calculation accuracy. Achieved description of the user experience technology with various menus and the whole VC RASK. An example of the calculation accuracy of the example odnopoyasnoy hinged-rod metal shell. The general form of hinged-rod with metal objects to using the VC RASK can be made exactly the calculation can be varied: a cylindrical, spherical, elliptical, toroidal, conical and other.

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Joint Stock Company "Matrosov Mine" (JSC «RiM»), Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.

инженер по металлоконструкциям строительной дирекции

685000, Магадан, ул. Пролетарская, д. 12


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