Hawking Radiation in de Sitter Space: Calculation of the Reflection Coefficient for Quantum Particles

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Though the problem of Hawking radiation in de Sitter space-time, in particular details of penetration of a quantum mechanical particle through the de Sitter horizon, has been examined intensively there is still some vagueness in this subject. The present paper aims to clarify the situation. A known algorithm for calculation of the reflection coefficient R j on the background of the de Sitter space-time model is analyzed. It is shown that the determination of R j requires an additional constrain on quantum numbers R ∕ℏ c ≫ j, where R is a curvature radius. When taking into account this condition, the value of R j turns out to be precisely zero. It is shown that the basic instructive definition for the calculation of the reflection coefficient in de Sitter model is grounded exclusively on the use of zero order approximation in the expansion of a particle wave function in a series on small parameter 1 ∕ R 2, and it demonstrated that this recipe cannot be extended on accounting for contributions of higher order terms. So the result R j = 0 which has been obtained from examining zero-order term persists and cannot be improved. It is claimed that the calculation of the reflection coefficient R j is not required at all because there is no barrier in the

About the authors

V M Red’kov

Institute of Physics

Email: v.redkov@dragon.bas-net.by
NAS of Belarus

E M Ovsiyuk

Mozyr State Pedagogical University

Email: e.ovsiyuk@mail.ru

G G Krylov

Belarussian State University

Email: krylov@bsu.by


Copyright (c) 2012 Редьков В.М., Овсиюк Е.М., Крылов Г.Г.

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