Mathematical Model and Toolkit for Regional Social and Economic Monitoring

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The problem of monitoring the social and economic situation in regions has always been a currently central one for our country due to the vast territory and variety of life conditions in different areas. This urgency severely increases in crisis conditions. For acceptance of reasonable well-grounded managerial decisions monitoring should not be reduced to sociological research, but it should be founded on a deep mathematical base. Whereas the problem of description of economic subjects interaction is more or less clear, the social processes are much more difficult for analysis. In the presented discourse the attempt is made on the basis of leading political psychologists' latest research to formulate a model of social and economic processes in a region. The analysis of results of this model application allows one to reveal such characteristic modes which correspond to real processes in the society. Prototypes of information systems which can be used for monitoring in real conditions are offered. The problem of regional elections forecast is analyzed as an example for such system application.

About the authors

A V Bogdanov

Institute for High Performance Computing and Information Systems

Institute for High Performance Computing and Information Systems

A B Degtyarev

Saint-Petersburg State University

Кафедра компьютерного моделирования и многопроцессорных системФакультет «Прикладная математика - процессы управления»; Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет; Saint-Petersburg State University

V P Rukovchuk

North-West Academy of Public Administration

North-West Academy of Public Administration


Copyright (c) 2010 Богданов А.В., Дегтярёв А.Б., Руковчук А.Б.

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