Static Configuration with Spherical Symmetry in Conformal Gravitation: Vacuum Solution

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The oscillating model of conformal gravity is considered. The static solution is studied in vacuum-dominated conformal gravitation, which is modeled by scalar field χ(x). The vacuum solution (χ = 0, Tμν = 0) in Einstein's gauge φ(x) = φ0 = const being considered, the Newtonian potential is obtained. The significance of the additional term in the potential is also discussed.

About the authors

- Azad Ramit

East West University

Восточно-западный университет; East West University

V M Pyzh

Kharkov State University

Кафедра теоретической физики; Харьковский государственный университет; Kharkov State University


Copyright (c) 2009 Азад Рамит -., Пыж В.М.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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