Methods of Observation of Dynamic Systems Functioning in Order to Ensure System Safety

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he article sets forth the methodological approach to the problem of formalization of the process of observation and measurement of parameters of dynamic systems. The necessity of selection of the measured parameters of the system for the assessment of the control is shown. The wording of the concept of security system is given and the formalization of the quantitative assessment of the safety of the operation and status changes of complex technical systems (STS) in time are proposed. Important process of ensuring the safety of the technical system, particularly for the special purposes, is the measurement and observation of the parameters. The process of the state and dynamics of the studied object (system) is described by the model in the form of dynamic equations in vector form. Dynamic management system and its measuring complex represent a linear stationary system, which is described by the model in a matrix form. When assessing the safety of technical systems different algorithms of measurement of parameters may be used. In any case allowed operations are implemented by the operator, which for linear stationary dynamical system is also linear. The method of determining the optimal set of parameters observations characterizing the state of the system which is proposed in the article significantly affects the safety of the study of the dynamical system in case of internal disturbances. By varying these parameters, one can determine the time and the monitoring interval, when the current state of the dynamic system is determined with precision.


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