Determining the Safety of Complex Technical Systems on the Basis of Measurements and Observations of its Parameters. Generalized Measure Security

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This article is based on a methodical approach to safety analysis report system based on measurements and observations of its parameters as a result of the impact of external and internal forces. During operation of a complex technical system physical, mechanical and technical properties of its structures (materials) and its components (elements, assemblies, modules) are changing. Change the physic-mechanical or technical properties can be both reversible and irreversible, and these changes give rise to incremental (wear) failure or in emergency cases to the instantaneous hald of components of the complex technical system. These failures characterize the reliability of the system, and the forces that lead to such consequences are internal. The impact of external forces on the system, especially targeted or erroneous from the operator (Manager of operational processes) in the amount of internal influence on safety of the work of analyzing complex technical systems. This paper presents the status of the dynamic system of the developed model of the vector and vector phase system parameters. Shows the choice of measured parameters to assess the State of the control system. Given the wording of the security of the system and the formalization of measuring security.

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