Description of a Program for Computing Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions and Their First Derivatives with Respect to the Parameter of the Coupled Parametric Self-Adjoined Elliptic Differential Equations

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Brief description of a FORTRAN 77 program is presented for calculating with the given accuracy eigenvalues, eigenfunctions and their first derivatives with respect to the parameter of the coupled parametric self-adjoined elliptic differential equations with the Dirichlet and/or Neumann type boundary conditions on the finite interval. The original problem is projected to the parametric homogeneous and nonhomogeneous 1D boundary-value problems for a set of ordinary second order differential equations which is solved by the finite element method. The program calculates also potential matrix elements - integrals of the eigenfunctions multiplied by their first derivatives with respect to the parameter. Parametric eigenvalues (so-called potential curves) and matrix elements computed by the POTHEA program can be used for solving the bound state and multi-channel scattering problems for a system of the coupled second-order ordinary differential equations with the help of the KANTBP programs. As a test desk, the program is applied to the calculation of the potential curves and matrix elements of Schr¨odinger equation for a system of three charged particles with zero total angular momentum.

About the authors

A A Gusev

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


O Chuluunbaatar

National University of Mongolia, Mongolia

School of Mathematics and Computer Science

S I Vinitsky

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


A G Abrashkevich

IBM Toronto Lab



Copyright (c) 2014 Гусев А.А., Чулуунбаатар О., Виницкий С.И., Абрашкевич А.Г.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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