About one Model of Computer Control on the Basis of Gaze Tracking

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The methodology of human-computer interaction based on the determination of the eyeball position and its movement direction. For interference and noise elimination from extraneous lighting devices infra-red illumination which allows receiving only one highlight on a cornea from an infra-red light-emitting diode is used. Thus the entrance video-stream in an infra-red range is processed in real time in two parallel processes. One process is used for definition of position of a highlight from a light-emitting diode on corneas of eyes, another process - for definition of position of a pupil and a direction of its moving. Aggregate of co-ordinates of a highlight of a pupil, position of a cornea and a direction of its moving allow remote to control of the computer. For prevention of loss of “object” the original technique of accumulation of the previous positions of an eyeball and forecasting of a direction of its moving is used. The given methodology of contactless control of the computer allows simulating pressing keys of the keyboard and/or mouse movement. The developed hardware and software system for gaze direction tracking be used as an alternative method of input medium, which is closer to the natural way of interaction with the environment, as well as the only way to work with a computer for the users with reduced mobility.

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I M Gostev

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Email: igostev@gmail.com

E A Sibirtseva

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Email: elsibirtseva@gmail.com


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