Fractal Properties of the Universe

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The large-scale structure of the Universe is revealed to be characterized by a range of power-laws. The power-laws are evidences of fractality because they may be interpreted through a conception of the Universe as an assembly of self-similar space–time domains. We accept the hypothesis that the matter of the Universe is described by the scalar charged meson field possessing the rotary symmetry. On basis of the hypothesis, the fractal cosmological model with scale invariant Lagrange’s field equation and Einstein’s equation permitting physical explanation of these properties is constructed. The field energy densities (which are constant) and the space–time metrics of different domains differ in constant factors only. Therefore, the space–time domains are geometrically similar and evolve similarly. Fractal properties of initial cosmological density perturbations remain and lead to presence of the fractal properties of the Universe’s large-scale structure which formed from them. The nonsingular, compacted, pulsating and doubly-connected cosmological model as a partial solution for the homogeneous, isotropic and flat case is constructed. A background radiation power spectrum has been computed. The spectrum is shown to be close to the observable angular power spectrum of the SDSS-quasar distribution on the celestial sphere.

About the authors

A A Agapov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


I K Rozgacheva


Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia


Copyright (c) 2013 Агапов А.А., Розгачева И.К.

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