The Interference of Two Oppositely Twisted Light Waves

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Recent researches in the field of classical and quantum optics, have established the fact that the light can carry not only energy and linear momentum, but also angular momentum. To prove this, experiments were carried out on the creation and detection of twisted light. In the present work, the Maxwell theory of electromagnetism is generalized to the space with rotation. For this purpose the seven-dimensional model of space-time developed by the author is used. In this model the translational coordinates and time as well as the rotational coordinates are used. On the basis of generalized equations of electromagnetic field, solutions describing the twisted light are obtained. Thus, the article proposes non-quantum approach to describe the twisted light, without using the concept of spin. We also consider the superposition of two differently twisted light waves. It is shown that the result this superposition is a wave with an unusual profile of the amplitude that depends on the direction. The author suggests that such approach to describe the twisted waves can help to look differently at some of the issues of classical and quantum optics.

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Yu A Portnov

The Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University



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