On a Probability Density Equation

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The stationary Schrödinger equation depending on spatial coordinates has been considered. The problem of obtaining a differential relationship for the wave function squared was posed. By extracting Schrödinger’s equation itself from this relationship a differential equation for a physically interpretable quantity, i.e. the probability density (wave function squared), has been formulated. As an example the one-dimensional case admitting a simple analytic solution was considered. The solution obtained is shown to be a solution squared of the corresponding nonlinear differential equation for the probability density. In the final section a more general non-stationary case was considered for the potential involving a time-dependent term, such potentials are found in the non-stationary perturbation theory. The constant in separating the variables remains real. Thus the procedure considered proves to be similar to that presented above for the stationary equation.

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S V Kopylov

MAMI Moscow State Technical University

Email: KopSV@mail.ru
Physics Department


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