On Multidimensional Cosmology with Anisotropic Fluid: Asymptotical Acceleration and Zero Variation of G

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A multidimensional cosmological model describing the dynamics of n + 1 flat factor-spaces Mi in the presence of a one-component anisotropic fluid is offered. The pressures in all spaces are proportional to the density: pi = wiρ, i = 0,…,n. Solutions with accelerated expansion of our 3-space M0 and zero variation of the gravitational constant G are studied. These solutions exist for two branches of the parameter w0: The first branch describes the matter with w0 > 1, the second one may contain phantom matter with w0 < −1. It is shown that these solutions are special case of more general solutions with accelerated expansion of our 3-space M0 and asymptotically zero variation of the gravitational constant G. The model of an ideal many-dimensional substance with three isotropic dimensions of our space, additional dimensions and time is considered. Spacelike dimensions are presented by the power metric depending on parameters of an equation of state. It is shown, that association of dynamic parameters of our three-dimensional space on additional dimensions in the open view may be expressed through coefficient of anisotropy of additional dimensions. Dependence from parameter of an equation of state of our isotropic 3-dimensional space to coefficient of anisotropy of the additional dimensions, requiring the accelerated expansion of the Universe is received in an explicit aspect. The received association is presented pictorially.

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A G Pakhomov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: a_pakhomow@mail.ru
Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology


Copyright (c) 2014 Пахомов А.Г.

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