On the Evolution of Converging Wave Packet of an Inverted Quantum Oscillator Driven by Homogeneous Harmonic Field

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The problem investigated refers to periodically driven 1D quantum inverted harmonic oscillator (IHO) with the Hamiltonian of . The model is used widely in huge quantum applications concerned unstable molecular complexes and ions under laser light affection. Non-stationary Schrödinger equation (NSE) was solved analytically and numerically by means of Maple 17 with initial wave function (w.f.) of generalized Gaussian type. This one described the converging 1D probability flux and fitted well the quantum operator of initial conditions (IC). For the IC one can observe, first, the collapse of w.f. packet into extremely narrow 1D space interval of length and, second, its spreading back up to its starting half width, and all that - at dimensionless times. At certain phases j defined by W and s0 the wave packet center displayed nonharmonic oscillating behavior near some slowly drifting space position within this time interval and after that leaved onto infinity while the unlimited packet spreading. And the phases themselves served as bifurcation points separating the NSE solutions with the outgoing to from those with. In “resonant” case of the values obeyed an inverted Fermi-Dirac formula of; for differing the asymptotic of obeyed well classical law.

About the authors

V V Chistyakov

Scientific Research University of Informational Technology, Mechanics and Optics

Author for correspondence.
Email: v.chistyakov@corp.ifmo.ru
49A Kronverksky avenue, Saint-Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation


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