Rotating Cosmological Bianchi Type VIII Models with Anisotropic Fluid, Scalar Field and Radiation

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Within the general theory of relativity the Bianchi type VIII cosmological models with rotation and expansion have been built. The matter includes 3 components: perfect anisotropic fluid, imitating the rotating dark energy, clear radiation and scalar field. Different types of scalar field potential have been observed: a square one, Higgs’s potential and a power of four pontential. Evolution of the potential function is given in the way similar to inflation, at the same time the equations of state are not postulated initially. When solving the Einstein’s equation we obtain evolution of density and pressure of the liquid, also it has been found that when the potential is square, the fluid’s equation of state becomes vacuum-like and the fluid becomes asymptotically isotropic. The analysis of absence of closed time-like curves has been done, so the model has been proved to be casual. The order of present angular velocity value, calculated within the cosmological model, has been found to be quite satisfactory. The found solutions may be used for effects taking place nowadays and also during the inflationary stage.

About the authors

D M Yanishevskiy

Perm State University

Department of Higher Mathematics 15 Bukireva St., Perm, 614990, Russian Federation


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