Solution of the Boundary-Value Problem for a Systems of ODEs of Large Dimension: Benchmark Calculations in the Framework of Kantorovich Method

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We present benchmark calculations of the boundary-value problem (BVP) for a systems of second order ODEs of large dimension with help of KANTBP program using a finite element method. In practice, for solving the BVPs with the long-range potentials and a large number of open channels there is a necessity of solving boundary value problems of the large-scale systems of differential equations that require further investigation of convergence and stability of the algorithms and programs. With this aim we solve here the eigenvalue problem for an elliptic differential equation in a two-dimensional domain with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The solution is sought in the form of Kantorovich expansion over the parametric basis functions of one of the independent variables with the second variable treated as a parameter. The basis functions are calculated in an analytical form as solutions of the auxiliary parametric Sturm-Lioville problem for a second-order ODE. As a result, the two-dimensional problem is reduced to a boundary-value problem for a set of self-adjoint second-order ODEs for functions of the second independent variable. The discrete formulation of the problem is implemented using the finite element method. The efficiency, stability and convergence of the calculation scheme is shown by benchmark calculations for a triangle membrane with a degenerate spectrum.

About the authors

A A Gusev

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


O Chuluunbaatar

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


S I Vinitsky

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

RUDN University, Moscow, Russia

V L Derbov

Saratov State University



Copyright (c) 2016 Гусев А.А., Чулуунбаатар О., Виницкий С.И., Дербов В.Л.

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