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The article examines the views of the classics of Russian philosophical thought (V.S. Solovyev, S.N. Bulgakov, I.A. Ilyin and N.A. Berdyaev) on the essence of the national mentality. The interpretation of nationalism and cosmopolitanism given by thinkers is revealed. Their understanding of the essence of the Russian national mentality, its advantages and disadvantages is considered in detail.

About the authors

E. M Amelina

State University of Management

99 Ryazanskiy Prospect, Moscow, 109542, Russian Federation

O. Yu Roldugin

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics; Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography

36 Stremyanny Lane, Moscow, 117997, Russian Federation; 4 Gorokhovskiy Lane, Moscow, 105064, Russian Federation


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