Method for determining the optimal parameters of the chain transmission, taking into account the design of the drive chain

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Goal . Develop the design of the drive plate chain and methods for determining the optimal parameters of the chain transmission. Methods. Analysis of the designs of standard drive bushing and roller chains, as well as the drive plate chain with internal engagement. Determination of ways to increase the durability of these chains and chain gears from the condition of ensuring the wear resistance of their hinges and increasing their technical and economic indicators. Results . The analysis of designs of standard drive bushing-roller chains and drive plate chains with internal gearing is performed. A promising design of the drive plate chain has been developed. The optimization of transmission parameters, both with standard chains, and with the chain proposed by the authors, providing an increase in their durability and efficiency. In this regard, a method has been developed for determining the greatest elongation of standard chain links, as well as the chain developed by the authors, from the condition of wear resistance of their hinges. A method for determining the optimal transmission ratio of these chain gears has also been developed. It is established that the gear ratio of the transmission with the drive plate chain developed by the authors is determined primarily by the accuracy of manufacturing its hinges. With sufficiently precise manufacturing of chain hinge parts, the gear ratio can be significantly increased, up to u=10 and higher. This will allow you to use gears equipped with this chain in drives with a large gear ratio.

About the authors

Yuri V. Belousov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (National Research University of Technology)

Author for correspondence.
SPIN-code: 7102-6966

Associate Professor, Department of Fundamentals оf Machine Design, BMSTU, Candidate of Technical Sciences

5 2-ya Baumanskaya St, bldg 1, Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2021 Belousov Y.V.

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