Optical and chromatographic methods for efficiency analysis of non-stationary production


The problem of cost-effective oil production from carbonate reservoirs becomes more and more important every year due to a decrease in oil reserves in terrigenous reservoirs. Oil extraction from carbonate reservoirs is always associated with the low filtration properties of the rock matrix and the dense fracture network presence. One of the most effective methods at this development stage for carbonate reservoirs is the non-stationary drainage technology. The development of non-stationary deposit drainage technology by determining the effective action time with different work periods and well accumulation, due to deformations in the fracture system, will allow reducing wells watering percentage. As a result of fluid flows redistribution in the formation, unprocessed areas are attracted by capillary impregnation. An important stage in the application of non-stationary action is the study of oil optical properties. To assess the quality of the reserves involved in the development, laboratory studies of the deposit non-stationary production efficiency of the Romashkinskoye oil field were carried out. The investigations were carried out using a spectrophotometer and a chromatograph. The influence of non-stationary selection on the wells operation dynamics and on the final ORC was determined.

About the authors

Irina A Guskova

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

Author for correspondence.
Email: guskovaagni1@rambler.ru

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Scientific work chancellor, Head of the Department of Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute. Research interests: Scientific developments in the field of oil production in complicated conditions, difficult reserves extraction problems

2, Lenina str., Almetyevsk, 423452, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation

Evgeniya V Levanova

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

Email: evgeniyalevanova@rambler.ru

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor in the Department of Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute. Research interests: Special features about application of methods for increasing oil recovery and processing the bottomhole formation zone at the late stage of oil field development

2, Lenina str., Almetyevsk, 423452, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation

Ivan E Beloshapka

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

Email: i.e.beloshapka@gmail.com

post-graduate student in the Department of Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute. Research interests: Increasing efficiency of developing deposits with difficult oil reserves, filtration studies

2, Lenina str., Almetyevsk, 423452, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation


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