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Ecological criteria for ore-bearing geological formations are stable association of the same type of geological and ore formations, regardless of their age. Analyzed geochemical and metallogenic specialization and zoning of structural-material complexes.In ontogenesis specific geological formation in its full cycle outlines different levels of geochemical specialization: Syngenetic, premineral originally inherent throughout the volume of the formation; geochemical specialization sinrudnaya arising during rudokontsentrirovaniya, including simultaneously with the formation of the formation; geochemical specialization of secondary, primary nakradyvayuschayasya on geochemical characteristics of the formation due to the influence of her party not paranenetichnyh hydrothermal solutions.The total system chain operations metallogenic prediction and search for information about the geochemical specialization of geological formations and their components enable the following: produce formational interpretation found in the multi-purpose geological and geochemical mapping of anomalous geochemical fields; producing zoning study area on the types of geological formations having varying potentially mineralized with the release of the most productive subformations, phases and facies; to give quantitative estimates of probable resourcesGeochemical criteria of ore-bearing geological formations are primarily in stable correlations petrochemical features ore-bearing rocks and the corresponding fluctuations in the mineral composition of ores (for example, the correlation of potassium content in silicate ore-bearing volcanic rocks ore- bearing volcanic geological formations and ratios of copper and lead ores of pyrite family ore formations).These criteria should be considered in regional and local assessments of the prospects of ore-bearing geologic formations.

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E I Filatov

Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and crystal chemistry of rare

L K Filatova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


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