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The paper deals with principal results of exploration carried out in the Sredne-Ishimbinskaya area. The area studied lies in the central part of the Yenisei gold province. Data are presented on the prospecting methods for lode gold deposits in complicated mountain-taiga landscapes.Еxploration carried out in several consecutive stages. At first prospective area studied by a series of basic geological and geophysical profiles with a complex of geological, geophysical and geochemical research methods, and geochemical prospecting carried out by the leakage flux. As result revealed several potentially ore-controlling plicate-discontinuous dislocations zones, the most perspective localized in the southern part of the area. In the next stage of exploration within the southern part of the area carried out geochemical prospecting on the secondary dispersion halos, schlich and lithogeochemical sampling at the depth of 0.8-1.0 m and geological prospecting routes. As result of second stage of exploration revealed several potentially gold-bearing mineralized zones within the zone of ore-controlling fold-discontinuous dislocation plicate-discontinuous dislocations zone. In the third stage of exploration carried out excavation of pits at intervals of 10-20 m between the pits and bulldozing trench depth of 1 m to localize mineralized zones. The lower productive horizon of deluvial deposits in pits sampled by schlich and lithogeochemical methods. Bedrock in pits sampled by trench sampling. Several sectors were allocated for trenching by bulldozer as result of geological documentation and sampling was the final stage of exploration. The most mineralized areas which are potentially ore zones within the gold-bearing mineralized zones, were trenched to the bedrock and then crossed by a series of boreholes. As result, we have identified ore intersection - the epicenters of the highest gold grades within the mineralized gold zones.For the first time in the region we prognosticate the detection of low grade-high tonnage gold mineralization localized in carbonate-terrigenous sequence of the Aladyinskaya and Kartochki series of the Middle-Upper Riphean.

About the authors

R Kh Mansurov

The central research prospecting institute of non-ferrous and precious metals

V V Diakonov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Mineral Deposits, Engineering faculty


Copyright (c) 2016 Мансуров Р.Х., Дьяконов В.В.

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