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In article gold mining problems at deficiency of stable stocks, exhaustion of a source of raw materials and lack of scientific and technical progress in development of new technologies are stated. Resource potential of technogenic complexes of Russia is estimated at 50-60% of the metal extracted in the country. Over the last 50 years when developing scatterings the content of gold was reduced by 10 times(with 5 to 0,5 g/m3). Thus the high prices of energy carriers and growth of non-productive costs can’t compensate the even constantly growing prices of precious metals.At gold mining from loose fields, enrichment is carried out by easy gravitational ways mainly on lock devices of deep and small filling. Two-stadial enrichment or otsadochny technologies is less often used. Gold of fraction (-0,25 mm) is extracted by lock devices no more than for 5-10%, and production growth thus is provided due to accumulation of volumes and productivity (extensive growth). In this regard it is necessary to provide the theory of economic growth of the American economist of the Nobel Prize laureate of 1987 Robert Solou. In his opinion, investment into cars and the equipment, bigger use of natural, manpower reserves can’t be a source of economic growth on a long-term outlook. Technological changes, professional development of labor and the best organization of work can be the only source of intensive growth.The gravitational technology for an assessment and development of technogenic complexes of precious metals is offered. In JSC SEVER of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) it is created and semi- industrial concentrating installation - basic option (the Patent Russian Federation No. 2483807) passed tests. Unlike the existing devices and technological schemes, the declared technology has the distinctive features:allows to extract gold and the accompanying mineral complexes from all products of classification including slurry (a class -0,1 mm);there is no enrichment on lock devices (are established only on control operations);the continuous controlled exit of a concentrate is carried out.The offered technology will find broad application at an assessment and operation of technogenic complexes, off-balance and unpromising objects of precious metals.

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