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Business centers are becoming one of the most important architectural components of modern cities; the need of such centers became a demand due to the concentration of high number of businesses and international businesses within big cities, which created the demand of an architectural cluster of business centers that facilitates running business between enterprises and keep the high concentration of financial flow within one zone.To understand this concept; the article will first note the most important business centers of our modern world, the percentage of companies present, and the medium rental cost. The financial components plays a huge role when it comes to business centers; as they always need funding to be realized, and to be funded they need to be able to produce an equivalent value and profit; in other terms they need to be self-independent buildings, to be able to understand that we need to take a look at the current examples in our world.Moreover, it’s very important to understand the different types of business centers, as they provide a variety of different services not to mention the importance of understanding location requisites depending on the type of business center. In this article the main classification of business centers is explained briefly with an example.Urban requirements and importance is discussed briefly as it is important to understand the concept of CBD (Central Business District) and how it reflects on the hosting cities in many different ways. As our urban formation is changing slowly and architectural demands are changing, it’s important to plan for our future cities to fulfill the objective and create flexibility and comfort, and avoid future complication and unnecessary waste of cost.

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Z S Alhalabi

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

S M Khalabi

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

I Khalil

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


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