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The choice of a rational, efficient method of strengthening pile foundations and bases is fundamental in the reconstruction of buildings in Central Russia. In this region the use of pile foundation is efficient due to the geological characteristics of the structure of the soil, and the presence of areas with weak water-saturated soils. The most optimal solutions of strengthening of bases and foundations are the ones that are the most using existing foundations and possibility of load-carrying ability of foundations. These solutions include the reconstruction of piles, reinforcement of foundation frame and consolidation of the earth foundation. Data solutions include: reconstruction of piles, pile cap foundation strengthening and consolidation of the subgrade. Strengthening piles follow the method given by enhance the pillars either by installing additional CFA piles. In order to strengthen the base are resorted to the method of immersing devices or other precast bored piles adjacent to existing piles. The basic method of fixing the subgrade is a method of injection of various solutions into the ground. Selecting the way to strengthen the foundation or base depends on the soil and its characteristics, as well as the loads transmitted from the upstream structures and dynamic effects.

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A N Stasishina

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Mohamed I Abumahadi

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


Copyright (c) 2016 Стасишина А.Н., Абу Махади М.И.

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