The Typical Pictures of the Rogue Waves Geometry in Computational Experiments

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We consider typical pictures of geometry of rogue waves in computational experiments. They are sudden and single waves with amplitude of more than 2 times larger significant wave height. The suddenness of the occurrence of abnormally large waves in the ocean defines serious danger that they pose to ships and marine buildings. Now we have incontrovertible evidence of this phenomenon such as the instrumental recordings and photographs. The main method of studying the phenomenon of rogue waves in our work is computational experiment which is based on the full nonlinear equations of hydrodynamics of ideal liquid with free surface. We apply the method of conformal variables to the original system of equations. This method allows to do efficient and accurate calculations using computers. It is shown that in the computational experiments with different initial parameters we observed that the majority of rogue waves (about 95%) have a characteristic profile of steep ridge throughout its life cycle. Other rogue waves represent another type of this phenomenon — “hole into the sea”. Also we present the results of comparison of rogue waves from computational experiments with well-known instrumental recordings “New Year wave”, etc.

About the authors

A V Yudin

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics; The Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics FEB RAS




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