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The article considers the problem of implementing cultural policy in the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation - Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Russia historically formed as a state, uniting on its territory of the representatives of different peoples, cultures and faiths, held in some mod-ern countries, the policy of multiculturalism, actualizes the issue of combating xenophobia, national and religious intolerance in society, the preservation and development of cultural identity of different peo-ples. The construction of culture in the rank of national priority aims to give new impetus to the devel-opment of the cultural foundations of Russian constitutional system, to guarantee the unity of the cul-tural and legal space, the state and territorial integrity. Having considered the constitutional-legal bases of the state cultural policy at the Federal level and at the level of the new subjects of the Federation, the author reveals the problems of legal regula-tion, defines the main directions of improvement of legislation in this area. The author comes to the conclusion that some modernization need of the constituent acts of the Repub-lic of Crimea and Sevastopol in respect of fixation in a separate article of the right of peoples living on the ter-ritory of the Republic to preserve their national identity through the development of national-cultural autono-mies, national-cultural centers and associations, as well as provisions on the promotion of the regional author-ities the activities of those public associations that are inconsistent with Russian law. Further development require conceptual foundations of national policy in the new subjects of the Federation aimed at creating conditions for satisfaction of ethnopolitical, ethnosocial and ethnocultural needs residing in the Republic Nations and ethnic communities. Continuing controversies in the field of linguistic relations, is due, in particular, the failure of the Federation to recognize the right of the subjects to change the graphic basis of the alphabet may be im-paired by constitutional, legal, and financial guarantees regime of equality of status to all the languages of peoples and ethnic groups living on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the end of the article formulates proposals aimed at improving the existing Federal legislation and normative legal acts of the Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and the Russian Federation in the field of cultural policy.

About the authors

Tamara V Zametina

Saratov State Academy of Law

Author for correspondence.
1, Volskaya st., Saratov 410056, Russia

Zametina Tamara V. - Doctor of Legal Science, Professor, Department of Constitutional and International Law, Saratov State Academy of Law.


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