The institutional framework of the Eurasian economic union

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The article analyzes the institutional framework of trade in goods in the EEC. As the framework (obstacles) are considered measures of technical regulation as the most significant to maintain the security of goods, at the same time revealed the dual nature of such measures. On the one hand, they aimed at ensuring the safety of products, and with another - should not hinder trade within the EEU.

About the authors

T M Vorotyntseva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Author for correspondence.
Miklukho-Maklaya str., 6, Moscow, Russia, 117198

Cand. Econ.Sci., associate professor of the Department of Customs

T N Saurenko

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Miklukho-Maklaya str., 6, Moscow, Russia, 117198

Dr. Econ. Sci., head of the Department of customs


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